Laura Davies explains why a 60-degree wedge is the perfect club for a short flop shot.

Laura's latest tip video in her tackles a situation that seems very familiar to us.

You've landed on the edge of the bunker and there's a gaping expanse of sand between you and the green, just waiting to suck you in.


But Laura explains why this is the perfect time to pick up a 60 degree wedge, and hit a neat flop shot safely onto the green.

"It doesn't matter what your handicap is, you can trust this shot," Laura says.

"Don't just chip it in the bunker doing a little chip and run. Trust the dynamics of the club, it's what they were build for."

How does she always find a perfect, no-nonsense way of explaining things?

Watch the video below and see her demonstrate it beautifully.

We could watch her play all day!

Find more tips from Laura on her Twitter page @lauradaviesgolf.