How to deal with short shots around the green with Women & Golf instructor Lauren Blease.

Golfers are faced with a variety of shots around the green and these will often reveal common faults. Here are a couple of tips to help improve your chip and high lob shots.

Choose the right club

Despite the lie, or the amount of green a player has to work with, golfers often select the same club for every chip shot and this can cause problems.

Restricting yourself to just one club makes life a lot harder and it doesn’t need to be!

Quick fix

When you need to get the ball over an obstacle, then a sand wedge is the best club to use. However, if there is no obstacle in front of you and a lot of green between you and the flag, then a pitching wedge is preferable.

If the green is very long and you are far away from the hole, then use a 7-iron. This shot only requires a small swing and the ball will spend more time on the ground so it’s easier to control than a sand wedge.

Thinning a high lob shot

A high lob shot is required when playing over a bunker or another tall obstacle around the green.

Chipping fixes

It can be a scary shot and one that players often thin as they lean away from the shot at impact.

Quick fix

Ensure that you transfer your weight from your back foot to your front foot at impact, brushing the grass and not trying to help the ball up in the air.

Feel as though the clubface is on your right shoulder and that you have to get your shoulder past the ball through impact.

The above Instruction article was taken from the Sept/Oct 2019 issue of Women & Golf magazine.

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