PGA Advanced Professional Alice Davis from Parkstone Golf Club is here to improve your short game with a new series of golf instruction videos

In today's episode of The Up And Down Series, with PGA Advanced Professional Alice Davis, we will be looking at pace control.

A lot of golfers find that they can work of the direction of their putts quite well but unfortunately leave those putts long or short. We will look at a drill to help you control the pace of your putts.

The set up for this drill is pretty simple and can be done on a putting green or on a putting mat or carpet at home. You need three tees (or markers) - one for where you start from, one at the finish and one tee/marker in the middle. You can decide the length of set up of the drill.

The idea is to hit your first putt just past the middle tee/marker. Then repeat, with the second ball aiming to go just past the first ball. Continue until you either reach the finish marker or you leave a putt short. You can then repeat the drill to see whether you can beat your previous record.

Setting up your pace control drill

Pace Control Drill
Pace Control Drill eg

Place three tees or markers in front of you - one as a starting point, one as a finishing point and one in the middle. The above is obviously set up on a putting green but you can use a similar set up on a putting mat or carpet at home.

Thank you to Parkstone Golf Club for the use of their practice areas to film The Up And Down Series.

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