PGA Advanced Professional Alice Davis from Parkstone Golf Club is here to improve your short game with a new series of golf instruction videos

In today's episode of The Up And Down Series, with PGA Advanced Professional Alice Davis, we will be looking at making sure we have centred strikes in our putts and making sure the putter face is square through impact.

The drill we're going to look at today is a really popular drill with Tiger Woods, it's all about making sure we hit a centred strike.

We know the importance of hitting ball out of the middle of the club face when we are doing our full swings. But it's also really important when we hit our putts to make sure that we get consistent distance and also that we're actually getting the correct direction because if we hit it from the toe or the heel, this could cause the putter face to twist through impact.

So what we're going to have initially is we are going to have two tees set slightly wider than the putter head and we will set up the ball in the middle. This is going to allow us to make sure that we are hitting the ball nicely through impact and not hitting the toe or the heel.

We are then going to place two tees roughly halfway between our ball and our target. This will allow us to make sure that the putter face is pointing squarely through impact and not pointing left or right.

Then we can set up to our ball, make sure our putter face is square and hit our putt. Repeat for different length putts to build confidence and improve your putting stroke.

Step-by-step putting gate instructions

Thank you to Parkstone Golf Club for the use of their practice areas to film The Up And Down Series.

Next time: The Up And Down Series - Alice will be explaining how to control the pace of your putts.