PGA Advanced Professional Alice Davis from Parkstone Golf Club is here to improve your short game with a new series of golf instruction videos

In today's episode of The Up And Down Series, with PGA Advanced Professional Alice Davis, we're talking about chipping around the green.

Alice is looking specifically at the ball placement in your stance when chipping around the green and how this affects the loft of your club and in turn impacts the height, roll and spin of your chips.

In this video, you will see how your ball position can affect the trajectory of your chip shot. By changing your ball position, you will make the loft flatter or more lofted on your shots, which will then affect how the ball flies through the air.

When you have the ball nearer the back foot, you will find that you take some loft off the club and you have a little bit more shaft lean, so the ball will fly lower. However, when we move the ball position further forward, the shaft lean is a more centred, and the club now has more loft, which will encourage the ball to launch higher in the air.

Remember - ball towards the back foot means that the ball will fly out lower and have more roll, whilst having the ball towards your front foot means you increase the loft, the ball will fly higher and have less roll.

When you're next practising your chipping, experiment with the ball position and see how it changes the flight for you, you may find one of these slightly easier than the other and actually carry it through onto the course.

Thank you to Parkstone Golf Club for the use of their practice areas to film The Up And Down Series.

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