Hall of Famer Dame Laura Davies shares her tips about how to get out of trouble without it costing you too many shots.

We've all been there. You've hit a wayward drive off the tee and find yourself in trouble. You're in the middle of the trees, with no clear line out and nowhere to take relief. You don't want to take the walk of shame back to the tee, so you need to weave it through the trees to give yourself a chance of saving your scorecard. 

Hmm. Now what?

Well, if anyone can help you get out it in as few shots as possible, it's Dame Laura Davies.

If you haven't seen any of Laura Davies' instruction videos, prepare to be impressed.

We are OBSESSED. They are so useful and well done (in a typical no-frills Laura style of course), and guarantee to help you get out of trouble on the golf course. 

The latest one covers how to get out of a bad spot: when you've somehow totally fluffed up and ended up off the fairway and in some trees. 

This is the exact method that she uses on Tour to get out of such a tricky situation.

As you'll see it doesn't exactly totally work this time, but Laura's honest and admits that in golf nothing is totally predictable or certain.

In fact, we love her even more for not doing a second take.

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