It's a gloomy prospect, the clocks have changed & the rain has started. Here are some tips to help you play your best during winter months.

It would be easy to become a fair weather player and hang up your clubs until the spring, but don't let winter weather spoil your round. Follow these tips so you actually enjoy it!

Rhythm Matters

“When it blows, swing it slow.” When it’s windy it’s even more important to maintain a good rhythm. Keep your swing short for greater control, always commit to the shot and believe in yourself. Don’t forget to take the strength of the wind into consideration when selecting your club.


Keep the ball low by positioning the ball back in your stance and make a low follow through.


Flying the ball high will add distance so position the ball slightly further forward in your stance. For tee shots, tee the ball a little higher.

Pre-Shot Routine

If conditions aren’t in your favour, this doesn’t mean that you have to rush your shots. Having a good pre-shot routine will help you to focus on staying in the present, rather than concentrating on the weather.

Keep Control

Putting in the wind can be extremely difficult due to an unwelcome movement of the putter when making a stroke. Grip down the putter handle as this way you are closer to the ball and will have more control.

Weather Beaters
  • Invest in some wet weather gloves that grip the club even if they are soaking wet, and this is a massive advantage as your grip will never slip.
  • Invest in a decent umbrella. Nowadays you can buy wind umbrellas and play with the knowledge that it won’t turn inside out. Hang a small towel inside the umbrella so you can wipe your clubs.
  • It goes without saying that a good set of waterproofs is a wise investment. You may wonder why you spent so much money on a rain suit until the day you need it and then you’ll be grateful.