The key to hitting your driver consistently? Rhythm.

Channel your inner Charley Hull and learn how to smash your tee shots down the fairway and hit your driver more consistently.

The most important thing to think about when it comes to driving the ball consistently is rhythm: swing it at a different pace or rhythm each time and you're going to get a different outcome with every shot.

But how do you guarantee that you hit your driver consistently?

Drill for hitting your driver consistently

Not only will this drill help you to create a steady rhythm with your driver, but it will also help you to increase your clubhead speed. That means not only will you hit the ball better off the tee, but you'll also hit it further.

1. Turn the driver upside down and hold it near the head.

2. Swing a few times and listen for the swish at impact.

3. Turn the club the right way up, have a few practice swings and feel the weight of the clubhead.

4. When you hit the ball, concentrate on trying to keep the tee peg in the ground after impact as this will help you to sweep the ball off the tee.

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