Want to hit your driver further and more consistently off the tee? Here's how to do exactly that by following these simple tips from PGA Coach Samantha Head.

A driver can create a love-hate relationship. Women generally hit their drives straight and can be the envy of the opposite sex, however, there are times when the driver stops working consistently so it’s important to have a backup of fundamentals to keep the ball on the straight and narrow.

Relax, it's only a tee shot!

Samantha Head driving

When things aren’t going so well, players tend to get quite rigid with their body, arms and legs, so staying relaxed at set-up as well as making an extra effort to relax during the swing is important. By taking a deep breath just before set-up brings oxygen to the blood and helps the relaxation process. When taking your grip loosen your top hand.

A good setup is key for consistency

It’s important to have an athletic set-up with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees flexed (not bent), and think of sitting on a stool rather than sitting on the loo!

Turn your lead foot (left foot for right-handers and right foot for left-handers) a few degrees out as this makes it easier to hit through to a full finish. Imagine a pitcher in baseball.

At address lift the club a centimetre above the ground so the club is hovering, and then take your backswing. By having the club above the ground already, this releases tension in your arms on the initial takeaway movement. It also stops the early tightening of your grip, as the takeaway needs to be as relaxed as possible.

Swing smooth and slow

With your takeaway, feel as though you are taking the club back slower, as this will create a smoother backswing and better timing.

It’s then important to make a turn with your body (not just lifting your arms with no turn at all) and having a longer club will support this movement to allow it to happen.

After impact, extend your arms through the follow through and ensure your body continues to turn and your back foot lifts to create a pointe.

Driver takeaway
Takeaway smooth and slow
Driver top of swing
Turn with your body
Driver follow through
Extend your arms

Quick tip - when the wind blows...

Use the wind to your advantage to gain extra distance with your drives. When you are in this position, tee the ball a little higher and put it very slightly further forward in your stance. There is no need to hit it harder as this will change the rhythm and can cause other problems. So, the old saying is “when it blows, swing it slow."

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The above Instruction article was taken from the Mar/Apr 2019 issue of Women & Golf magazine.

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