Get more consistency from your driver by following these tips from PGA Coach Samantha Head.

Let's face it, we all want to hit our drives straight and long, however, how many of us actually do? Here are some tips on how to achieve the correct posture and positioning to give you the best chance of driving with distance and accuracy every time.

Set up to hover

Driver set up

Position the ball just inside your front armpit. Your stance should be slightly wider than hip-width and with your weight evenly distributed.

set up to hover

For many years I have hovered the driver above the ground at set-up. The reason being, it takes any tension away from the swing on the takeaway.

Some golfers struggle to do this, but try it, as it’s helped me to become a much straighter driver of the ball.

Driver sequence

Posture plays an important role

This left image shows correct posture. Your back should be fairly straight, knees flexed, and body tilted from the hips, and with your head level. Your arms should be a comfortable distance away from the ball. Your posture should be comfortable. If you feel like you’re stretching for the ball, stand closer or vice versa.

Many golfers have back problems and this causes their bottom to tuck in, resulting with a posture that looks as though they are standing up, rather than tilting over. Their chin tucks into their body and although this might feel comfortable (for back sufferers) it can cause many swing faults and inconsistencies.

If you stand too close to the ball, you limit the amount of space in the plane to swing through and this will cause drives to shoot off left or right.

Flexible is not friendly!

Women have pretty good flexibility, which can be great for yoga etc, but when it comes to the golf swing it can also hamper your turn (left picture above).

Therefore, if you think you might be over swinging, turn your right foot in slightly (for righthanded golfers) and turn your left foot towards the target. This allows your hips to remain stable on your backswing and simultaneously creates a good hip turn on your follow-through.

Driver sequence

On target

Driver target

Stand behind the ball and pick a point in front, like a divot or stone, as this gives you the opportunity to match an invisible line with the

When you address the ball, look at the spot you have chosen and place your feet, shoulders and hips parallel with the line.

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The above Instruction article was taken from the Mar/Apr 2018 issue of Women & Golf magazine.