Struggling to play off tight lies? Make these three simple changes to your set up and save shots this summer.

We've finally had some rain. But chances are, wherever you play, you’ll be faced with more tight lies than fluffy fairways this summer. So? How you set up to the ball is more important than ever to hit a good shot.  

A tight lie is typically defined as anywhere on the course where the ground is firm or bare. And with no grassy cushion to help, the shot requires a particularly precise strike to pull off. It’s really easy to catch it fat – and take chunks of turf before the ball, or to thin it and not hit the ground at all.

How to set up to hit it from a tight lie

Make these three simple changes to your set up and you’re much more likely to strike the ball cleanly.

  1. Move the ball position to the centre or towards the back of your stance.
  2. Push your hands forward slightly so that the shaft of the club is leaning forward.
  3. Lean your weight slightly on your front foot.

By doing these three things, you’ll reduce the risk of flicking your hands through impact. That makes it much less likely that the club will bounce off the ground or dig too far into it.

Things to remember

With the ball position further back and your hands and weight further forward, you’re creating a steeper angle of attack. That means that the ball will generally fly a bit lower and longer.

Combine that with firm and dry fairways and greens and it’s a good idea to hit less club than you might do in normal conditions.

So club down, trust your swing and wait for the bounce.

Let me know how you get on making these simple changes to your set up. Or find more shot-saving tips to improve your long game and shots around the green.