A good golf grip is fundamental to your game. Get it wrong, and you'll struggle to hit the ball straight or consistently.


Your golf grip is critical to playing your best golf. That's because it determines whether the clubface is closed, open or square to the target at impact. 

A good grip also means you can move your wrists and arms smoothly when you swing, which in turn gives you a better chance of hitting the ball consistently. 

So if you think your grip could be costing you shots, it's time to go back to basics. Women & Golf instructor and Head PGA Professional at Saffron Walden Golf Club Sarah Smith explains the fundamentals of a good grip.

Golf grip drills

Try out this drill and let us know how you get on  – and hopefully you'll see your handicap come tumbling down too. 

  1. Start by drawing two dots on your golf glove on your first and second knuckle.
  2. Grip the golf club, and as you look down, make sure you can only see the two dots.
  3. If you can see past the two dots, your grip is strong and the clubface will be closed at impact. That means you'll be more likely to hit the ball left of the target. 
  4. If you can only see one dot, your grip will be weak and the clubface will be open at impact. That means you'll be more likely to hit the ball right of the target. 

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