Think ECCO GOLF shoes are super comfy but not that stylish? Well it’s time to think again. Editor Harriet Shephard tests out the new ECCO S-THREE golf shoes.


I’ve had plenty of people praise ECCO GOLF shoes to me over the years and they are certainly known for being some of the comfiest on the market.

This is a quality not to be dismissed.

I’ve tried plenty of golf shoes in the past that might have looked good and promised great things but still, no matter how I much I attempted to ‘wear them in’, they left my toes or ankles feeling painfully sore.

One particular pair left me practically with blisters after walking only a few hundred yards, but I won’t name names...

But I’m not a fan of frumpy, old-fashioned golf shoes either. Call me vain but just as much as I want to feel comfortable in the sense of knowing that my feet are well protected, I also want to feel comfortable in the sense of knowing that I don’t look silly.

This is why I think that previously, a few people might have been put off ECCO shoes.

Some of the designs haven’t been the most fashionable or modern, with the focus on practically being prioritised perhaps a little too much.

But enter the ECCO S-THREE; a shoe I loved from the moment I opened the box.

It's the perfect combination of comfort and style, and I think a lot of other shoe manufacturers could learn something from it.

I could tell how comfortable they would be just by looking at them; the leather was soft and clearly high quality. Further research told me this was also finished with 100% waterproof GORE-TEX® technology, so even though my test round was one of those rare evenings where it didn’t rain in the UK, I know that my feet would have been kept dry even if it did.


Slipping them on it was like walking in a soft pair of slippers, but I had great traction too.

To be honest I’m not the steadiest on my feet and I can tend to wobble a bit when I’m coming out of my swing, but these helped me feel more balanced and better connected to the ground.

ECCO use all manner of wonderful phrases to describe the fit such as ZONAL FLUIDFORM™ TECHNOLOGY, which basically means that the shoe is super soft and cushioned where you want it to be, and more rigid where you want it to be.

It’s also handy that the inner sole is removable and washable.

Perhaps the most significant proof of how good they are is that I totally forgot I was wearing new shoes while I was playing; I wasn’t thinking about if they were rubbing, too lose or too tight.

In fact, I played better than I normally do but I don’t know if ECCO can take credit for that. I just have these strange times when these don't all go wrong.

I really liked the way they looked, too.

They’re feminine and simple and the white and grey addition that I tried would look great with all of my golfing outfits; I’d never have to worry about clashing.

Or, if you like your shoes a bit more jazzy and colourful, there’s also a vibrant red option

I have pretty big feet for a girl and sometimes golf shoes can make them look even bigger (I’m not a fan of that either).

But with these I didn’t have that problem at all and I found the fitting to be pretty standard and in keeping with my usual shoe size.

The only problem is that now I know how comfortable these are I might struggle to go back to anything else.

The subtle look is perfect for off the course too, with nothing about them screaming “I should be worn for golf only and not a trip to the shops!”.

At £180 per pair they’re definitely not the cheapest, but I guess that’s what you’d expect from this level of quality and comfort.

I’m a big fan.

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