What's it like to travel the world for your job? Jessica Korda gives her Instagram followers insight into life on the LPGA Tour

Until you see it visually, it's hard to imagine just how much potential travel there is for touring professionals each season. Last week, Golf Magazine did exactly that via their Instagram page, sharing the destinations both the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour will visit in 2024, below is for the LPGA...

It almost makes you a little dizzy just watching it. Unsurprisingly, the post threw up some questions from fans, which was spotted by LPGA star Jessica Korda.

The American, who is currently awaiting the birth of her first child, took to her own Instagram page to offer followers the opportunity to ask her any questions about life on the LPGA Tour.

Jessica Korda Q&A

We found the responses really interesting, so thought we would share them with those of you who may have missed them over the weekend.

Do you have to pay for all flights or are there certain tournaments that cover it?

We book, pay and organise travel ourselves. Unless we are playing in Asia then the sponsor of the event books our flights and hotel. All international events that we play, the players cover their caddies' flights as well.

Do you get reimbursed on air, fare, lodgings, vehicles etc?

No, we pay for it all. The rental cars get expensive. We get courtesy cars at some Majors and that’s about it.

How do you deal with jet lag?

Something you get used to. Stick to bedtimes and utilise naps! But not too long or then you mess up your nighttime routine. It’s good that we get to events Sunday night or Monday mid morning so we have enough time to acclimate by go time on Thursday.

How often do you get out to explore/enjoy the area you visit for tournaments?

Very rarely. Maybe take advantage of it on Monday if we travelled in the am, or after a morning practice on Tuesday. At the end of the day you travel to work not to sightsee but if you can sneak something in it’s always a bonus.

What’s your favourite airline and why?

Delta loyalist for years! Million miler and have been able to keep diamond status for a lot of years.

I see that you guys pay for your travel, but how does that work if you miss the cut?

That’s the part that sucks. You make no money and just spend it that week. You pay your caddie and physio their weekly fee and just make sure you play better the following week.

How much would you have to earn each year just to cover your and your caddie's expenses?

So every player will have a different set of expenses. Physio, coach and caddie will vary based on a player's needs and negotiations.

Rookies will stay in housing or room with other players and fly whatever airline is cheapest. I do think it’s important to establish status but with prices for flights, it’s hard in that first year.

The more established players have more freedom in this but they also need more help recovering our bodies so the expenses are higher.

Do you usually book housing, rental cars and flights through Sunday assuming you’ll make the cut?

Hell yeah! You don’t go to events planning on missing cuts

What are LPGA caddies making these days?

Average $1500-1800 weekly salary. 10% win, 7% top 10, 5% made cut. Percentages are adjusted based on player/caddie negotiations. Ten per cent for the win is standard but the rest is up to the team. Players will pay for international flights.

Do you consider the prize money on offer vs the cost to travel when picking events?

This all depends on how your year is going and if you like courses. A win is a win even if the prize money isn’t the highest. You’re also playing for world ranking points and CME points.

I always chose events I really liked, that fit into my travel schedule and just felt confident in playing.

The better you play, the more money you’ll make. It’s not always the #1 factor.

After having read some of your answers, it seems like a tough life for those outside the top 20.

It’s a grind but we all start each week at zero and have the same opportunities to make it. That’s what I love about golf, you’re score is controlled by you. Not a coach or opponent.

Does the same type of deal with companies like NetJets exist in the LPGA? Or have to fly commercial?

No, but there are companies like Delta stepping in and helping with sponsorships.

Do sponsors help with travel costs for anyone? Or is it mostly equipment/apparel only?

Your sponsors pay you a yearly fee based on your contracts and you are free to use that towards whatsoever you like – travel, retirement, healthcare etc

How is PGA pay different from other tours? Or are they all the same relative to player expense?

As far as I know, PGA players get weekly courtesy cars and a credit for carry car but it terms of travel, they also pay for their hotels and airfares.

Does the LPGA provide insurance? How does insurance work?

Nope, we have a small stipend if you can prove you have insurance. This is something I think we’re really lacking.

If you have Instagram, we highly recommend following the female professionals so that you can gain insights and an appreciation of how they keep on top of their game, whilst travelling the world.

The 2024 LPGA Tour season kicks off next week at the Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions in Orlando, Florida.