Here are six simple New Year's Resolutions to transform your health, fitness and golf in 2024

Strength and Conditioning Coach Jamie Greaves, based at Northampton Golf Club, trains a wide range of golfers from LPGA mega stars like Charley Hull to 75-year-old club golfers. We've worked with Jamie in the past and if you follow him on Instagram on X (formerly Twitter), you will know he shares his wealth of health and fitness knowledge on a daily basis.

New Year's Resolutions, if you make them, will most likely have a health and/or fitness element to them. If, like us, you struggle to know where to start, Jamie is here to give you six simple New Year's Resolutions that will transform your health, fitness and golf in 2024.

1. Commit to a few minutes of daily mobility

10 minutes a day =

Over an hour a week
Over 5 hours a month
Over 60 hours total in 2024!

This proves that it is the case that little and often really does add up. We all tend to lead pretty static lives nowadays and as a result, we often feel tight, stiff and achy - not helpful for our golf games!

By committing to a few minutes of daily movement and mobility is a simple habit, but a complete game-changer.

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2. Commit to a five minute warm up before you play or practice

A warm up doesn’t guarantee good golf of course, but it does stack the odds a little more in your favour.

Buy a resistance band and commit to a few dynamic and resistance based moves before each time you practice or play.

Your body and your golf game over the first few shots will thank you.

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3. Commit to moving more

We have all heard of 10K daily steps.

Whilst for many this may be way out of reach, the simple act of tracking steps, taking where you’re at currently, and trying to increase that is so effective.

Take that lunchtime walk, give the dog an extra trip out, play a couple more holes! Whatever you choose, set a step goal and commit to hitting it consistently.

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4. Commit a few minutes daily to game improvement

As already outlined, a few minutes daily of something really does add up, we can also use that principle for our golf games!

How much better could your game be if you committed to a daily habit of a few minutes practicing your putting inside at home or doing some mirror swing work.

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5. Commit to a few minutes of daily meditation

We all lead incredibly busy lives nowadays and are always on our phones, which means we struggle to disconnect and simply be with ourselves. Just a few minutes of daily meditation can be really helpful in tuning in to ourselves better.

There are plenty of apps out there to help with guided meditations so give one a go!

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The ability to ‘respond and not react’ is also incredibly helpful on the golf course itself

6. Commit to the resistance train

If resistance training was a pill everyone would take it!

There are so many benefits both on and off the course from increased muscle mass, increased bone density and improved body composition to increased body robustness and increased swing speed!

Huge improvements can be made in as little as 2/3 short (20-30 mins) sessions per week either at home (lots can be achieved with bands, body weight and a loaded bag) or in the gym focusing on compound moves that provide a big “bang for your buck”

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By committing to even just a couple of these as New Year's Resolutions and being consistent you will be well on the way to better golf, health and fitness in 2024.

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About Jamie Greaves

Jamie Greaves is a strength and conditioning coach and an avid golfer. He started playing golf at the age of 10 and played college golf in the USA, where he reached a +2 handicap. It was during his time in the USA that he discovered his love for fitness and how proper training can positively influence your golf game. He currently works with a wide range of clients from players on the main professional golf tours such as Meg Maclaren, England representatives and county squads, going right through to regular club golfers and beginners. Jamie believes that the great thing about golf fitness is that everyone, no matter age or ability, can benefit!

Find out more about how Jamie can help you and your golf here or drop him an email here