A little inspiration for those looking for a golf themed Valentine's Day card for their other half

It's that time of the year when we declare our feelings for the love of our life! Valentine's Day is big business and for many, it's not possible to get away with just a simple card. Luckily for my husband, I am not that much of a romantic - plus I think he potentially loves his road bike more than me 😉!

I jest obviously, who doesn't like a little reminder that someone thinks they're special? With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some golf-specific Valentine's Day cards - ones that you may like to send or you'll potentially receive.

There aren't lots to pick from online, so you may see some similar ones from last year, but a couple were too good not to share again.

Top Five Golf Valentine's Day cards

Golf Valentine's Day card

"You know that feeling when the sun is out. The greens are freshly cut & you're just about to tee off the first hole... ...I love you more than that!"

I'm not going to lie...the statement on this Valentine's card from A Town Called Home does make me think for just a moment. It really is a glorious moment, especially in the summer 😍

RRP £3.50 - BUY HERE

"You're well above par"

I love the simplicity of this Valentine's card from Of Life & Lemons, it's rather cute. Also, the description on their website sums it up perfectly: "Use this golfing Valentine's card to tell your partner they're above par - even if their golf game isn't ;-)"

RRP £3.50 - BUY HERE

Valentine's Day Golf card
To be there fore one another card

"To be there 'fore' one another x"

I am sure there are many golfing couples out there that will appreciate this Valentine's card from So Close on Not On The Highstreet. Simple design and simple message. What's not to love?

RRP £3.95 - BUY HERE

"The best round of golf I have ever played"

Moonpig has this listed as a birthday card but I think it works well for Valentine's Day. It would definitely be the one I would choose if my husband played golf!

RRP £3.79 - BUY HERE

Moonpig Valentine's Card
You Me & Golf

"You, Me & Golf"

Finishing on a soppy one from Petals And Letters on Etsy. A great way to show the love for your other half and your main passion in life! 🥰

RRP £4.50 - BUY HERE

Hopefully, that's given you a little inspiration ahead of Valentine's Day and with the price of cards nowadays that'll surely be plenty to spend on your Valentine this year! 😄