Winner of our Turnberry Masters Women's Pairs Competition, Kathie Mabberley describes her 3 days at the iconic golfing venue.

I will start by saying what an amazing experience at Turnberry.

Day One

Arriving on the Monday 8th April, along with my friend Gill, we were warmly greeted by PGA Professional Andrew Murray (coach) and Natalie Lowe (fitness instructor) and we had an initial introduction to those attending the three days.

We were straight into some fitness warm up exercises, perfect for golf with Natalie, an excellent routine for stretching all over. A few swing instructions from Andrew and then out for 9 holes on the Arran course, a great way to start.

Arran Academy Course

Our accommodation was in one of the cottages, very comfortable and spacious.

Set between the hotel on the hill and the Clubhouse and courses by the coastline are a series of self catering villas. A perfect setting and a 2-minute walk to the golf courses and Academy.

On the first evening, after a relaxed reception hosted by Andrew and Natalie before dinner, we were transported to the clubhouse, which had a varied menu and was imaginative and delicious.

Day Two

View from 1906 Restaurant

Breakfast the following morning in the hotel (1906 Restaurant) was presented with fruits and cereals and a very good menu for any hot food one might like to order.

Then off for our warm up exercises was followed with some short game work for links golf with Andrew, chipping and pitching with different clubs.

We then had 18 holes on the King Robert the Bruce, a little breezy but sunny. An enjoyable course with fairways lined with some beautiful gorse all in bloom.

On our second evening we were up at the Hotel for a Q&A with Alan Director of Golf who explained where the changes were made on the Ailsa Course, as six holes were changed to bring some more along the coastline. He also explained how the hotel had been gutted and renovated adding a large ballroom/conference room at one end. More chandeliers than I have ever seen in one place. All very interesting and the hotel I have to say is stunning. We had a piper who played along the front and around the back of the hotel.

Seated in 1906 room for the evening with were treated to an unbelievable menu and we were really spoilt for choice.

Day Three

1st tee - calm before the storm (Gill, Sarah, Jane & Kathie)

On the Wednesday morning, the weather was not at its best.

We had a little bunker coaching with Andrew and we set off on the Ailsa course with some drizzly rain and strongish wind to start.

Unfortunately, the wind increased to 40/50 mile an hour gusts with horizontal rain, bit like being pebble dashed, but we battled on.

Despite the weather, this is the best course I have ever played on, absolutely stunning.

The halfway house which is part of the Turnberry Lighthouse was very inviting and second to none, with leather upholstery and beautiful surroundings (see Jane's review for pics). A much needed hot chocolate before battling on.

If you should ever have a spare £3,000 you can stay in the Lighthouse accommodation!

Kathie teeing off on 18th in 40/50 mph winds and driving rain

At the end of our round we were saturated but elated to have managed the full course and a very welcome hot bowl of soup and sandwiches were waiting for us at the Clubhouse.

The finish of our visit was completed with prizes for the ladies who had the best accumulated scores and this went to two well deserving ladies who were very new to golf.

The Experience

The whole experience of Turnberry is out of this world, the renovations both on the course and around the hotel is just amazing. Made even more memorable by the attentiveness of all the staff to ensure our stay was comfortable and enjoyable.

To close, I can truly say that as an overall prize I will remember this for the rest of my golfing life as an amazing experience and my grateful thanks to Women & Golf for the opportunity of a lifetime and to Andrew Murray and Natalie Lowe for their valuable input.

Gill & Kathie

A note from Gill

Hi Jane,

It was lovely meeting and playing golf with you even in those extreme wintery conditions, at least we all played the beautiful Alisa course.  

I was so lucky that Kathie asked me join her on her fantastic prize from Women & Golf to play and stay in Turnberry Golf Resort.  The lovely warm welcome we got from Andrew Murray and Natalie Lowe on arrival at the club house, which was just fabulous and meeting the other ladies.

After coffee we all went over to the academy area to have a warm up stretching session with Natalie who is the founder and co-owner of Pro-Fit Golf Conditioning owner who has a wealth of experience and expertise as a motivated  trainer.  It was very informative and useful as we should all really warm up before we play golf.  The session wasn't long or complicated it was easy to follow as we were all different ages it suited everyone.  I have now played golf a couple of times since and have used the video that Natalie sent us and find it helps me to loosen up, I have always hit a few balls before playing but find these stretching exercises very useful.

We then had a coaching session with Andrew on chipping on to links greens, he explained the difference of how our club selection impacts on the ball onto the green and how to see how the ball reacts when we did hit the ball.  We then played the 9-hole Arran course and were partnered with two lovely Scottish ladies who had not travelled to far.  The weather was not kind, cold and blowy, but we had fun and the course was in good condition to say that we have had so much rain.  While we were out on the course Andrew came round to offer advice, help and assistance and answer some of our questions we had about shots, putting, etc.

In the evening we had a drinks reception were we met all the other women and to get to know everyone. Andrew and Natalie were the perfect hosts, we were then transported over to the club house for a wonderful supper and, of course, tales of our golfing feats or not.

Tuesday after having a wonderful breakfast cold and hot in the hotel with magnificent views over the pitch and putt, Clubhouse, beach and the iconic Turnberry Lighthouse with Alisa Craig in the distance, we were very lucky indeed.  The morning was another warm up stretching session with Natalie, then onto the range so that Andrew could see how we were hitting the ball and giving us tips to improve, he also gave us his tips as to how he warms up and what clubs he hits before going out to play.  After lunch in the Clubhouse we went out to play on the King Robert the Bruce course, Kathie and myself again were playing with the 2 Scottish ladies, Alison and Jackie. 

The course was in good condition and the greens were lovely again considering the amount of rain they had, the views on top of the course were not as clear due to rain showers and very gusty winds which made it very difficult to swing a club, but we had a lovely time and enjoyed the course and views.  In the evening, we were having supper in the hotel in one of the rooms in 1906, Andrew asked Alan the Director of Golf to talk to us about the hotel, course and the Lighthouse, how much Mr Trump had invested and restored everything to its former glory and added a beautiful ballroom, that was there originally.  Andrew told us about the history of the hotel which was very interesting and it was lovely to see old pictures.

The food was superb absolutely delicious 5 star cuisine master chef the professionals.

Wednesday we  managed to get to play earlier because of the severe weather warning coming through.  The outward 9 holes were with the wind which fooled us for what was to come.  By the time we got to the lovely halfway house, with the marbled toilets and hot radiators,  the lovely carpeted bar area with its leather chairs and a wonderful hot, hot chocolate we didn't really want to leave.  But we did, Andrew had taken each group to the back tee where they used to tee off in the open which is at the back of the Lighthouse, what a view, what a shot.  The next 9 holes were so difficult and we were all so wet through, waterproofs were not waterproof.  The winds were gusting at about 50-60mph, and we were all nearly blown over, but we prevailed and finished the whole 18 holes, the 17th was like a wind tunnel, I have never ever played in such wind conditions before, but I would not have not played, the Alisa course has been re-designed and its a truly magnificent course and I think the course is now better than it was when I last played it in 2007.

Gill at the 10th tee

Thank you Kathie and Women & Golf, and Jane Lees for your company on the golf course.  It was a fantastic opportunity to play and stay at such a beautiful course and hotel. What a wonderful prize.

A big thank you to Andrew Murray and Natalie Lowe it was lovely to meet you both. Your help, advice, and knowledge was fab. Thank you to all the staff at Turnberry Golf Resort they were so warm and welcoming.


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