The Algarve would love to take you for a round of golf but, for the time being at least, only a virtual one is possible. When the time is right, you'll be welcomed, warmer than ever!

Algarve Welcomes Golfers After Coronavirus Virtual Tour

The Algarve would love to take you for a round of golf but – for the time being at least – only a virtual one is possible...

Maintenance teams, following the public health official advice and guidance, are working hard in preparation for when the time comes to return to the Algarve’s sun-kissed fairways. We dearly want to provide you with the warmest welcome your perseverance deserves.

Portugal – and particularly the Algarve – has been relatively lightly affected by the coronavirus – and it is hoped that golf courses will re-open as soon as the Portuguese Government will allow.

However, for now, the message from the Algarve to all its fans is to stay at home with your beloved ones, to keep safe – but not to stop dreaming.

The courses will still be here and ready when the time is right, and we can’t wait to welcome you, warmer than ever!

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