The winner’s green jacket is as synonymous with the Masters as azaleas and pimento cheese sandwiches. But how much do you really know about the Masters’ green jacket?

In the world of men’s golf, there are few victories more special than a win at the Masters, the green jacket that comes with it the ultimate symbol of success.

But if, like me, you’ve watched the Masters without fail for years and still don’t know much about that coveted jacket, keep reading.

Then you might want to arrange a quiz night during the Masters 2023.

It's inspired by the leaves of azalea bushes

It was Bobby Jones who came up with the idea of the green jacket after his Open win at Royal Liverpool in 1927.

He was impressed by the red jacket worn by former captains, and in 1937, declared that all members of Augusta National would wear a green jacket to the Masters. That way, visitors could pick them out from the crowd and ask for directions.

Jones’ business partner, Clifford Roberts, chose the colour green because of the leaves underpinning Augusta’s azalea bushes.

The first green jacket winner was Sam Snead in 1949

Sam Snead was the first professional to receive a green jacket after his Masters victory in 1949.

He was presented the jacket by Bobby Jones himself.

Winners can only take the jacket home for a year

Do winners get to keep their green jacket? Not exactly.

There are strict rules around who can take their green jacket home and for how long.

Masters winners are only allowed to take it home for 12 months. And that’s only if they’re a first-time winner.

After that, the green jacket is kept securely and permanently in the Champions locker room at Augusta. It’s worn during Masters Week only – strictly within the grounds of Augusta National Golf Club.

The only exemption to the rule, so far, is 1970 champion, Billy Cooper. He is actually buried in his Masters’ green jacket.

How much is a Masters’ green jacket worth?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the green jacket is made by a world-renowned designer and draped in diamond and gold.

But you’d be wrong. Very wrong.

Supplied by the same tailoring company since 1967, each green jacket costs a modest $250.

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