Lester Brunt Wealth Management explains how they can help the sandwich generation with their financial concerns

Sandwiches may or may not feature highly on your list of healthy snacks while you’re out on the course - you’re better off going for fruit, nuts, and protein bars if you’re looking at maintaining your energy levels, but what do sandwiches have to do with finance?

If you haven’t heard of the term before, the sandwich generation are the age group effectively "sandwiched" between an older and younger generation in their family. They may experience an obligation to care for their ageing parents, as well as provide care for their children, in the form of financial, physical, and emotional support. The individual often feels squished, like that long-forgotten ham sandwich in the bottom of the golf bag!

Often people in the sandwich generation are pulled in many directions, which could lead to facing mental health challenges, as well as financial ones. Neither of these are easy to deal with but there are steps you can take, including taking time to recharge – a round of golf with friends, sharing the load with your family and acknowledging when it’s time to ask for help.

In between raising families and forging careers, the financial concerns of the sandwich generation could range from covering day-to-day expenses, paying off school fees, and contributing to the long-term care costs of getting parents settled in residential care - or even supporting them to accept their declining mobility.

A meeting with a Lester Brunt financial adviser is intended to remove some of the stress and put your mind at ease to help you to visualise and meet your financial potential. We use cash-flow modelling to help you to provide reassurance and allow you to see your money for what it is and what it could be, to map out the costs and provide you and your family with the peace of mind to address your priorities and work out your future.

Contact Catherine Scard or Jennie Rose

Please reach out to Catherine or Jennie for a non-obligatory and informal discussion about how we, at Lester Brunt, can help you.

Catherine and Jennie have over three decades of combined financial experience and spend a lot of their time as advisers helping women achieve their financial goals. Within the female golfing community, Jennie and Catherine can share their passion and advocate the benefits of financial protection and the value and importance of financial planning. If you wish to get in touch, please contact Catherine or Jennie at [email protected] or [email protected]

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