Lester Brunt Wealth Management explains why you should not ignore risk whether it be on the golf course or with your finances

Just like in the financial world, the risks faced when playing a round of golf are not to be ignored, but what can you do to mitigate them?

Some of the main risks can be grouped under one heading – injuries. Injuring yourself, injuring other people and the erroneous wayward golfer are usually at the forefront of your mind. We are all familiar with mitigating these with a nice clear shout to warn those on adjacent fairways, keeping a safe distance from others and having a good stretch before and after the round.

The same risk is present in investing and the risk of injury is akin to volatility - the rate at which investments increase or decrease over a time period. Just like the precautions you take to prevent injuries, you can take steps to reduce the impact of volatility, including looking at low-risk investments, spreading diverse assets and most importantly, taking time to review progress and plan your goals.

Other risks we face during a round of golf can be more environmental or circumstantial but just as easily resolved with a little foresight. Wildlife can cause issues with a nasty bite or sting but can be easily resolved if you’ve prepared by packing antihistamine.

Slippery surfaces are everywhere on the course but being cautious and avoiding precarious positions when reaching for your ball are natural steps we often take without thinking. The weather is the final risk factor, whether that be rain, wind or sun, a golfer needs to be prepared with an umbrella, a hat or sunscreen.

Again, relating this to investing the risks are the same – environmental factors – things you can take account of but that you can’t change. Whether that be COVID, inflation or government budget announcements, these factors will affect your investments and are the reasons why having an adviser is vital, so that they can review things with you so you know and where possible can take control of the risks.

It's not about managing money, it's about helping people to understand what their future might look like, what direction it can go in and how they can achieve what they'd like to achieve in their future in a way they are comfortable and confident with.


“Catherine is the consummate professional. She allows you to take time, never pressures and is ready to answer any questions without making you feel like an idiot! We thought about our investment for quite some time and throughout, Catherine was patient and kind continuing to answer questions and allay our fears.” C. Allen

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The value of an investment with St. James's Place will be directly linked to the performance of the funds selected and may fall as well as rise.  You may get back less than the amount invested.

Catherine and Jennie have over three decades of combined financial experience and spend a lot of their time as advisers helping women achieve their financial goals. Within the female golfing community, Jennie and Catherine can share their passion and advocate the benefits of financial protection and the value and importance of financial planning. If you wish to get in touch, please contact Catherine or Jennie at [email protected] or [email protected]

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