Editor Emma Ballard speaks to Axelle Mazery from Rogers Hospitality about the company's unwavering commitment to sustainability in Mauritius

Heritage Resorts & Golf in Mauritius, part of Rogers Hospitality, an actively sustainable hotel brand, with a collection of resorts nestled at the heart of the UNESCO-protected, lush coastal village of Bel Ombre in Mauritius. Known best as a luxurious holiday destination, what many may not realise is that at the heart of the business is an unwavering commitment to sustainability.

During Women & Golf’s visit to ‘the pearl of the Indian Ocean’, Editor Emma Ballard had time to speak with Rogers Hospitality’s Chief Brand and Communication Officer and Sustainability Leader Axelle Mazery. Mazery's multifaceted role spans overseeing numerous brands, championing sustainability initiatives, and promoting inclusive practices across the hospitality sector in Mauritius.

Axelle Mazery: Her role and vision

Axelle Mazery manages an array of brands within Rogers Hospitality, including luxury resorts, cosy boutique and business hotels, championship golf courses, a beach club, museums, leisure activities, fine-dining restaurants as well as various dining establishments. With 12 brands as part of the Rogers Hospitality portfolio, Mazery drives the company’s brand and communication strategies; each of them encapsulating its own personality and charm, carving out a unique niche in the realm of hospitality, whilst looking to achieve a sustainable competitive edge.

Axelle Mazery
Axelle Mazery

The group’s luxury resort brand, Heritage Resorts & Golf, has high standards, is committed to elegance and service, is steeped in rich history and culture, and offers immersive luxury experiences. Notable among these are its two tranquil five-star resorts - Heritage Le Telfair and Heritage Awali - as well as Le Château Golf Course and recently opened La Réserve Golf Links, the Indian Ocean’s first and only contemporary links course.

Mazery's role as a sustainability leader is particularly significant. She spearheads the group's sustainability programs, focusing on five key impact zones: circular economy, biodiversity, energy transition, inclusive development and vibrant communities. This holistic approach ensures that sustainability is woven into the fabric of the group's operations, from energy-efficient practices to community engagement.

Sustainability at Heritage Resorts & Golf

Heritage Resorts & Golf stands out for its pioneering sustainability initiatives. The group offers carbon-balanced stays, a first in Mauritius, where they reduce and offset their carbon emissions. This initiative ensures that guests enjoy their stay without contributing to their carbon footprint, reflecting the group's deep commitment to environmental stewardship.

La Réserve Golf Links is a prime example of the destination’s dedication to sustainability. Developed with minimal alteration to the natural landscape, this contemporary links golf course retains the topography of the land, which was previously a sugarcane plantation. The preservation of native grasses and the use of volcanic dunes instead of traditional sand dunes underscore the group's ecological sensitivity.

2. La Réserve Golf Links, Mauritius
La Réserve Golf Links

The course also employs electric golf carts and advanced water irrigation systems to minimise environmental impact. This commitment has earned La Réserve Golf Links GEO certification for sustainable golf course development, with ongoing efforts to secure certification for operational sustainability.

Community and Workforce Development

Heritage Resorts & Golf is equally committed to community development and workforce training. By employing and training local community members, particularly in areas like Bel Ombre, the group fosters economic growth and skill development. It’s imperative to Rogers Hospitality to ensure they offer comprehensive training to team members, so that they grow within their job and they grow within the game as well.

The "People Experience Journey" program, aligns with the group's core values, ensuring that employee expectations are met and exceeded. This initiative reflects the group's dedication to creating a supportive and fulfilling work environment.

A passion for golf

On the golf side, Axelle explained her personal connection to golf, which has added a unique dimension to her role. An avid golfer for the past six years, she finds the sport to be a valuable networking tool and a means to balance professional and personal life. As a mother of two teenagers, she appreciates the flexibility golf offers, allowing her to play shorter rounds and still enjoy quality time with her family. Noting golf's inclusive nature, where players of different skill levels and genders can enjoy the game together, making it a unique sport for social interaction and leisure.

A commitment to responsible tourism

Sustainable development is an integral part of the group’s decision-making process, who view challenges as an opportunity to demonstrate resilience and agility, to lead by example and inspire positive change within the hospitality industry. Over the past few years, Rogers Hospitality has developed its www.nowfortomorrow.mu sustainability program that sets clear goals to track progress towards continuous improvement. The group’s ultimate aim is not just to create unforgettable experiences, but to meet the highest social and environmental standards.


Through innovative environmental practices, community engagement, and a commitment to workforce development, Rogers Hospitality sets a high standard in the travel and hospitality industries. Mazery's passion for sustainability was evident from the moment we started talking and she is a true driving force behind all the group's initiatives.

The environment and looking after it, is something we’re all becoming a lot more conscious of and will potentially impact our own future holiday plans. What Rogers Hospitality are doing is ensuring their own island thrives. Within this, their commitment to help responsible tourism will allow visitors to continue to enjoy their holidays to this bucket list destination for years to come.

On our four night trip in Mauritius we stayed at the Heritage Awali Resort - find out more about the resort here or you may interested in their sister resort Le Telfair which is right next door.