National and Regional 'Women in Golf Charter Champions' to help grow the game and improve gender equality at golf clubs in Ireland.

Golf Ireland has announced ten Charter Champions, that will promote the work of the Women in Golf Charter nationwide.

Two members of the Golf Ireland board, have been joined by an additional eight others from all four regions, with the view of promoting the work of the Charter.

Speaking at the launch, Golf Ireland Board Member Jane Joyce said:

"The Charter Champions is really important for Golf Ireland. We want to grow the game, and that is for everyone. Gender inclusivity is a huge part of that.

"The Charter Champions is a tool that will help us with gender equality across the board. Every club that has signed up is coming from a different place. Some clubs are there already and need the rubber stamp. We need to grow the game, and this will help us do that."

Harry McAlinden is one of five men that have signed up to be a Charter Champion, and he feels the role of men will be very important in ensuring the programme is a success.

"The vast majority of clubs are male dominated. To help bring change, we have to have men making those changes, and involved in making them. When I was asked to be a Charter Champion, I said yes straight away."

Golf Ireland National Charter Champions

Jane Joyce and John Power

Golf Ireland Regional Charter Champions

Michael Evans and Oonagh McDermott (Connacht)
Mary Grogan and Harry McAlinden (Leinster)
Marion Arnold and Juan Fitzgerald (Munster)
Richard Lee and Bernie McQuaid (Ulster)

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