Ahead of this week's JM Eagle LA Championship, LPGA players reflect on what Nelly Korda has achieved for herself and the sport

Nelly Korda may not be teeing it up this week but after her fifth successive victory and second Major title, her achievements and what it could mean for the women’s professional game are on everyone’s minds.

As players prepared themselves for the first round of the JM Eagle LA Championship presented by Plastpro, they were asked about what it has been like to witness what Korda has achieved.

Alison Lee:

Alison Lee leads Day Two Aramco Team Series - Riyadh
Alison Lee - image credit Tristan Jones/LET

“I mean, it's been really cool to see basically history being made. You know, I always say I feel like competition nowadays on the LPGA Tour compared to how was it 10, 15, 20 years ago, I feel like it's definitely more competitive now than it was before.

Rose Zhang:

Rose Zhang at the AIG Women's Open at Walton Heath
Rose Zhang - image credit Tristan Jones/LET

“You see a lot more talent. You see a lot more young girls playing golf. You just see a lot better golf out there. For her to win that many times in a row, even just to win once is tough out here, but to have that kind of streak at this day and age with golf being so difficult. Same with Scottie as well, I think is really, really cool to see.”

“It was incredible. I don't even have any words just because, I mean, obviously she's the third player ever to play and win five in a row. It's so hard to win once out here, let alone five times back-to-back.

“I think it's been very inspiring for not only me, but a lot of other players. It's just her being able to be herself when she's out there and her being able to commit to what she's doing with her team around her, and that's really kind of what I saw when she was out there performing.

“She was having a good time and also very into the game, very competitive, not letting anything sidetrack her. I find that very admirable, so really props to her. It's kind of an honor to see that happen, especially in my lifetime. And also just the game of golf. She's really growing the women's game exponentially.”

Emma Talley:

Emma Talley
Emma Talley - image credit Tristan Jones/LET

“Oh, my gosh, insane. I actually picked her last week again, because like why not? She's absolutely killing it at the moment. I really want to ask her from a media perspective is she actually playing the best golf of her life or is it her B Game just way better than everyone else's games at the moment? She's insane, she's playing great golf, and whatever she's doing, just keep riding the ride.”

Allisen Corpuz:

Allisen Corpuz holds the Harton S. Semple trophy after winning the 2023 U.S. Women's Open at Pebble Beach Golf Links in Pebble Beach, Calif. on Sunday, July 9, 2023. (Darren Carroll/USGA)
Allisen Corpuz - image credit Darren Carroll/USGA

“It is incredible. Nelly is obviously like generational talent. Everyone knew she was good and it's just been awesome to watch her back it up and do five in a row. I mean, that's almost unheard of, right? Just to see how good she is week in and week out and to know how good the other girls out here are as well, it's really impressive to watch. Yeah, it's been awesome.”

Hannah Green:

Hannah Green JM Eagle LA Championship winner
Hannah Green, reigning JM Eagle LA Champion - image credit LPGA/Harry How/Getty Images

“She's been playing amazing. I played with her in Palos Verdes the first two days, so that would've been I guess her second win out of the stretch. She played really solid obviously all week, but didn't seem like she had her best game which is kind of scary for the rest of us.

“So I think she's probably just so tired from everything she's been doing. Obviously won five events, so playing great and not hitting as many shots as perhaps the rest of us.

“But being the face of the LPGA right now and women's golf and just golf in general up with Scottie, it's tough.

“She definitely deserves to have a break and get ready for the next event.”

After this week, the LPGA has a week off before it returns for the Cognizant Founder Cup at Upper Montclair Country Club in Clifton, New Jersey. Korda is on the entry list, so there is no doubt that all the talk and eyes will be on her as she goes for a sixth victory.