With the ability to learn remotely Thuan Quach upskilled via the PGA Institute and moved from Vietnam to Australia

Based in Melbourne, the PGA Institute - the only golf Registered Training Organisation in Australia - boasts many proud alumni working in golf club management across not only Australia, but throughout the world.

The offering of the Institute's flagship course, the Diploma of Golf Management, available online as well as in-person has meant that many of those proud alumni have undertaken their studies remotely.

One such previous student is Ms. Thuan Quach, who completed her studies remotely from Vietnam, is now the General Manager of Cape Wickham Golf Links on King Island in Australia.

Cape Wickham is home to the third ranked golf course in Australia, and is very high on golf destination bucket lists the world over, so Thuan is kept very busy accommodating the droves of enthusiasts that make the long journey to play the famed course.

But how did Thuan, who grew up in a rural district of Hanoi, come to be the General Manager of Cape Wickham?

Thuan's introduction to golf came later than some when she was 18-years-old and got a job working as a caddie to support her family.

"That was my first job and I just kept loving golf," she said.

"When I was at the golf course, I just felt like the job was for me."

While working as a caddie, Thuan also upskilled and did training in rules officiating, all while simultaneously studying at university too.

Thuan Quach

With a passion to further her learnings, Thuan was eager to find a suitable study option that combined the skills she had developed both in her work in golf, and university degree, with her desire to enter the golf management space.

"I came back to the golf course and worked as a Customer Service Manager, and as a Booking Manager as well," she said.

"At that time, I felt like to know more about golf clubs I should study something, but in Vietnam universities and colleges we don't really have anything for golf.

Thuan leant on contacts she had made through her experience in golf to date, primarily Duc Pham Minh, who now works for the Vietnam Golf Association, to guide her with the next steps of her career development.

Duc Pham Minh had studied at the PGA Institute and so Thuan picked his brain.

"I asked him what he studied, and what I should study if I wanted to improve my career in golf," she said.

Thuan undertook the Diploma of Golf Management at the PGA Institute remotely from Vietnam, which she says was incredible for being able to work and study simultaneously.

"It was really good because it was very flexible," she said.

"When I started to study at that time, I was a booking and customer service manager, so my job was pretty busy.

"I find that studying online is more like self-study, you arrange your own time, which worked well for me."

It wasn't long before she got her first managerial position upon graduating. Working at Vinpearl Golf, Thuan was able to develop her skill set as a manager, and after four years working in Vietnam, she was afforded the opportunity of a lifetime.

Thuan Quach

Vinpearl Golf manage and operate four golf courses in Vietnam, as well as Cape Wickham, and when they asked Thuan if she would be up to move her life to the remote King Island to take on the General Manager role, she leapt at the chance.

"They said 'Hey Thuan, do you want to work in Australia?', and I just said 'yes'!"

Now a year into her role at Cape Wickham, how has her PGA Institute studies helped Thuan?

While the PGA Institute prepares its students to work the world over, Thuan says it is exciting to be working in Australia after studying at an Australian based institute.

Thuan says there are definitely some cultural differences in the workplace which have been interesting to adjust to coming from Vietnam.

"In Vietnam I had like more than 100 people working for me, but here at Cape Wickham same 18-hole golf course but I only have about 20 people," she said.

"With the system and learnings that I got from the PGA Institute are more centralised, which helps me in this environment on what I should do, and how I should manage."

Thuan Quach

While the Institute has helped Thuan adjust to working in Australia, it also provided her with the broad management skillset to lead teams in various environments.

"In order to run a business, without people you can't do it," she said.

"I found the most beneficial part of my studies at the PGA Institute was how to manage people.

"If you can do that well, you are able to get the job done in the most efficient way."

Thuan has worked hard in a number of different roles to get to where she is today, but it was her decision to upskill through the PGA Institute which allowed her to take the next step and unlock managerial opportunities.

Thinking about studying at the PGA Institute?

The flexible nature of study and online capabilities at the PGA Institute allows students from across the globe to take advantage of the world-leading golf education.

"Over the past two years, we have successfully delivered our Diploma of Golf Management to online students dotted around the globe," said Suzanne Burns, PGA of Australia RTO Manager.

"Our higher education partnerships are paving the way for our students, domestic and international, to continue their professional development and ultimately be a more knowledgeable employee and set them up for success in the future.”

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