Are your eyes watering and itching in the sun? We have three Queen Cosmetics ‘Eye Restore Creams’ to give away – simply email us and a draw will be be made at random. Soothe your sensitive eyes!

Women & Golf has teamed up with Queen Cosmetics and have three Eye Restore Creams  (RRP: £25 for 25ml) to give away to three lucky website visitors… Treat your eyes this summer!

The skin around our eyes is ever so thin and delicate it requires special care and attention. If you also have sensitive skin, which either reacts to mainstream eye care products, causing redness and inflammation, or you suffer from dermatitis or eczema around the eye area, then you have to take even more care with what you use.

With a special gel-like formula that is light and readily absorbed by the skin, Queen Cosmetics Eye Restore Cream effectively cares for the skin around the eyes, gently nourishing and hydrating to help restore moisture levels and improve the skin’s softness, smoothness and suppleness.  It also helps soothe and calm the eye area if sore and irritated and its cooling actions help refresh tired eyes by reducing any puffiness or dark circles.

Just email [email protected] with your name and address and a draw will be made at random on 30 June 2014.

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Queen Cosmetics Eye Restore Cream is available from specialist stockists, online and by mail order from Queen Cosmetics Limited.

Eye Restore Cream comes in a convenient pump action bottle and benefits from containing no perfume, essential oils or masking fragrance. Continued regular use of Queen Cosmetics Eye Restore Cream will result in skin that looks and feels softer, firmer and younger. For younger users, Eye Restore Cream is a highly effective yet gentle aid for revitalising the eye area if tired, puffy or sore; whatever the cause.

The latest addition to the Queen Cosmetics eye care range for sensitive skin and eyes - the company has provided specialist skin care solutions to those suffering from skin sensitivity for over 85 years and bases all its skin care products on the original tried and tested formulations created by the three eminent dermatologists in 1927.  Queen Cosmetics also uses only traditional, proven methods, to create each and every product and continues to adopt the company philosophy of using as few ingredients as possible to minimise irritation of sensitive skin.

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