Bladder care brand Jude is here to give their top four tips to get your bladder teeing off with confidence for a successful (and leak-free!) golf season

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The golf season is here and we are getting ready for the first tee. Before we do though, there’s plenty to prepare for as the sunshine warms up for another fabulous summer on the greens. 

No, on this occasion we aren’t talking about polishing clubs or mastering a swing change - we’re talking about preparing our body to be on our A Game - and specifically, our bladders. Because as we know only too well, there’s barely a loo in sight when we are playing a round and by getting our bladders ready now, there will be less ducking and dashing behind those bushes in 2024!

Here’s our top four tips to get your bladder teeing off with confidence for a successful (and leak-free!) season! 

Get your pelvic floor on par

Just as you strengthen your core for stability and power in your swing, don't neglect your pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor exercises, such as Kegels, can help improve bladder control and prevent leaks. If you aren’t in the practice of doing them daily, now is the time to get started and you’ll quickly feel the impact of a much stronger pelvic floor - and not only for your bladder control! 

No leaks on the green

Funnily enough, on this occasion, the leaks we are talking about aren’t the ones from the sky! Jude’s leakproof pants are perfect for keeping us dry during a round (or three) and the confidence to trust that you won’t be let down at the 9th hole by that dreaded call of nature. Supersoft and discreet, they hold up to 8tsp of pee - giving you plenty of reassurance and keeping you on the green, where you belong. 

Ditch the Arnold Palmer’s and stick to water

Too much caffeine can leave your bladder bursting, so it’s time to stick to water. Whilst it’s tempting to reduce your water intake when you are worried about peeing in the bush on the course - but staying hydrated is crucial for your best performance.

Ace your water intake by sipping, rather than gulping volumes of fluids all at once, which will help you maintain hydration without overloading your bladder. Also add hydrating snacks like water-rich fruits to your golf bag, as these help to keep your energy levels up without putting undue pressure on your bladder.

Nuke your duff bladder by getting started with Jude today!

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