Over 2,000 people have achieved the holy grail of golf - a hole-in-one - in the UK this year. Hugo BOSS has launched a unique range of H1 merchandise to help golfers commemorate.

The H1 Club is a unique membership platform for those who have recorded a hole-in-one, and it is providing family and friends with perfect Christmas gift ideas with prices starting at just £16.

The new range includes a selection of H1-branded Hugo BOSS polo shirts and golf caps, plus a golf towel or umbrella and, for a special gift, there is the opportunity to buy your loved one a limited-edition hole-in-one BOSS watch.

BOSS Watches has manufactured the specially commissioned timepiece, priced at £225, for each golfer lucky enough - or skilful enough - to record a hole-in-one.

For more information please visit www.h1club.co.uk/shop