With cold winter golf days and over indulgent Christmas festivities - the chances are it will take toll on the health and beauty of your skin, especially the delicate skin on your face!

Whether your complexion is looking dull, tired and lifeless and in need of a revitalising boost, or the toxic overload of festive parties has resulted in unwanted breakouts - Living Nature’s Deep Cleansing Mask will come to the rescue!

Living Nature’s Deep Cleansing Mask is a natural facial detoxifier. Sourced from New Zealand’s pristine, clean Matauri Bay, Halloysite Clay is renowned as one of the finest, whitest and most pure clays found anywhere in the world. Its fine particle structure is free from mineral contaminants, giving this unique clay a remarkable ability to absorb toxins and impurities from the surface of the skin.

Great for spots, blemishes and acne-prone skin and for clearing the pores of excess oil that may lead to the formation of blackheads. The poultice activity of the mask also gently absorbs pollutants and exfoliates the skin, drawing dead skin cells away from the skin’s surface to leave the complexion feeling fresh, radiant and accessible to nutrients.

Living Nature Deep Cleansing Mask

The mask combines the ultra-purifying properties of Halloysite Clay with antimicrobial Manuka Extract and nourishing, healing Active Manuka Honey to help detoxify the skin and leave the complexion clear, balanced and the pores refined. Totarol is also included for its antimicrobial benefits and its potent antioxidant activity that helps protect against free radical damage.

Suitable for all skin types, but especially those with oily skin, use as part of a weekly or twice weekly ritual of deep purification to help restore your skin’s health and balance. As well as being used as a conventional facial cleansing mask, this detoxifying skin care product can also be applied as a spot treatment overnight for those that suffer regularly from troublesome spots.

The beauty of Living Nature’s Deep Cleansing Mask is that you’ll notice almost instant results, with skin that looks soft, supple and smooth and feels fresh and revived.

Available from a nationwide network of salons, pharmacies and health stores, by mail order and online.

RRP: £25.00
For further information please contact Botanical Brands on 0845 2508455, email [email protected] or visit www.livingnature.com