Set up, ball position and stance are the key focuses of this tip video from PGA Pro John Cheetham.

Achieving a good set up, stance and ball position will really make a difference to your golf shots.

John talks us through some key check points to think about whenever you set up to take a shot, including where the ball should be between your feet and far away from the ball we should be standing.

Work on your set up at home

You don't even have to take a shot to try this video, so it's perfect to watch and make note of at home.

Even if you have been playing golf for years and years, it's always worth going back to basics to make sure things like your ball position are as perfect as possible.

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Ladies Love Golf is a community for women of all ages and abilities who want to learn to play golf or improve their game.

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Coaching is delivered in person at various locations across the UK and digitally, too.

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