Posture is extremely important when taking a golf shot - this easy drill will help you get better rotation in the swing.

Good golf posture helps us turn more and therefore hit our shots more powerfully and accurately.

Many of us struggle to turn, simply because our posture is incorrect, we might be rounding our backs or bending our knees too much or too little without realising it.

PGA Pro John Cheetham demonstrates a simple drill to help you work on your swing rotation and posture.

You can even try this at home - whether in the living room or out in the garden.

You don't even need a club or ball!

Ironing out these little things will really help you when you get back out on the course.

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Ladies Love Golf is a community for women of all ages and abilities who want to learn to play golf or improve their game.

The quality coaching is provided by experienced PGA Pro John Cheetham and delivered in a relaxed, sociable style with emphasis placed on making the sessions fun and enjoyable for all.

Coaching is delivered in person at various locations across the UK and digitally, too.

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