Welcome to the brand new Women & Golf Q&A Series. In our second episode we speak to Golf Travel Group International Sales Manager Breanne Loucks.

Welcome to our second Women & Golf Q&A Series. We were delighted to welcome Breanne Loucks, the International Sales Manager at Golf Travel Group and former Ladies European Tour player to speak to us about all things golf travel.

The Women & Golf Q&A Series is hosted by Women & Golf Editor Emma Ballard.

We start the conversation by hearing a little bit about Breanne's career and how she used her experience of travelling during her amateur and professional career to move seamlessly into the golf travel industry once she had retired from playing on the Ladies European Tour.

Breanne then gives us an insight into the current state of the golf travel market as the industry has slowly come back after the Covid pandemic

Then we work through some questions from Women & Golf readers, where we cover the following:

  1. What are the most popular destinations at moment? 
  2. Do you find golfers have a 'go to' destination? 
  3. Are there any up & coming destinations we should know about? 
  4. Let's look at luxury destinations, what are your recommendations? 
  5. Do you prefer to take your own clubs or hire at destination? 
  6. Where do groups of women golfers prefer to go? 
  7. Is accommodation quality important for females?
  8. Do female golf travellers look for extras such as spas, cultural experiences in addition to golf?
  9. What famous courses are always on females bucket lists?
  10. What’s one thing you think no one should compromise on when they travel?  
  11. On your dream golf holiday, who would you take with you? It can be anyone!
  12. Can you share any industry secrets to help our readers book their next trip?

As it's The Masters this week, I finish by finding out who Breanne thinks will be taking home the coveted green jacket.

We cover a lot of ground over the 40 minute conversation, where Breanne gives a lot of helpful hints, tips and recommendations which may help you when you are planning your next golf trip. Breanne's passion for golf travel shines through and I am definitely convinced I need to go to Mauritius!

It's also worth listening until the end as Breanne shares her industry secret that she believes every traveller should use before they book their next trip.

Thank you to Breanne and Golf Travel Group for their time.

If you have any further questions for Breanne, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will pass them on [email protected]

Find out more about Golf Travel Group by visiting their website here.

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