Women’s Golf Day has launched a new website with an integrated online social community and increased functionality for clubs all year long.

The new platform will enable golf clubs and venues to promote tee times, fittings, instruction, travel, events and more. This gives consumers and locations more opportunities to engage, empower and support women around the globe every day of the year. 

To celebrate the launch, WGD is running a promotion for the whole of February offering venues nearly $200 off their Premier registration package using the code LoveWGD24.

The new website supports the expansion and growth of the Women’s Golf Day movement by enhancing the golf location and consumer experience. The site also includes WGD Connect – a global, social golf community for men and women interested in connecting and communicating with like-minded golfers across the globe. 

“A lot has changed in golf since Women’s Golf Day launched 9 years ago, and so has the way that golfers, locations and the wider industry engage with each other,” commented Elisa Gaudet, Founder of Women’s Golf Day.  “We are proud to be able to support the industry throughout the year and to provide locations and golfers with a platform where they can connect every day. WGD is more than a day, more than a week, because women golf daily.”

The functionality of the new website will allow golf locations to update their location profile page more easily, with support available from the WGD team throughout the year.  The new platform also makes the consumer journey more fluid with an enhanced search facility for golfers looking for a WGD Celebration week event in their area.

“Our mission is to deliver the very best operational efficiency for Women’s Golf Day and their users, and our team will do this by providing 24/7/365 engagement on all aspects of the business,” commented Tim Branco, Managing Director – HGL Media. 

Register a location or sign up to WGD Connect now!

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