Here's how you can access more content, competitions and amazing discounts.


Women & Golf has gone through a lot of exciting changes recently.

Earlier this year, we stopped our print publication and instead decided to put all our efforts into making our website bigger and better than ever before.

But when we say we have gone ‘digital-only’ we don’t mean that our magazine is now simply offered as a digital pdf.

This new era is so much better than that.

Our new-look website will be launching in October and with it we will be able to offer so many more features and experiences than we ever did before.

Not only will we have more galleries, videos and instant, up-to-the-minute news and updates (no more waiting two months for the next magazine), we’ll also be able to interact with you more, find out your opinions and let you have your say and shape our content like never before.

Anyone can access this website, however we will be offering the option of becoming a W&G Member for those who fancy enjoying LOADS of extra perks.

WG club 2

Purchasing an annual membership gets you access to weekly Pilates classes, exclusive golf instruction videos, member’s-only competitions and loads of amazing discounts – it’s all designed to ensure that you get your membership fee’s worth pretty much instantly.

These discounts cover hotel stays, golf holidays, fashion brands, lifestyle products and more.

Oh, and let’s not forget you’ll also get a chunk of money knocked off our Women & Golf events for 2021. We’re already well on the way with planning for these and we’ll have the confirmed dates ready to release very soon.

Until January 1 2021, you can sign up for an annual membership for as little as £19.99. After that packages will start from £29.99 a year.

Or, if you were a magazine subscriber who has converted to an online membership, as a thank you for your loyalty you will be offered the chance to refresh your membership for as little as £19.99 whenever your current one expires (it doesn't matter if that's not until next year).


Please take a second to sign up to our membership waiting list below.

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We’ll make sure you are the first to know exactly when our W&G club is launching and how you can start cashing in on these amazing benefits.

All of us on the W&G team really value your loyalty and support so much and we hope you will join us on this new journey we're embarking on.

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