Whilst we wait for the weather to warm up, Charlotte shares her advice to help you spring into the new golf season!

The weather might not exactly be playing ball yet, but spring is definitely springing. And with the warmer days and lighter evenings marking the start of the new golf season, you might be wondering how to prepare to get back out on the course.

If you’re anything like me, your golf clubs will have stayed more or less put during the cold and wet weather of the winter months. And whilst there’s no guarantee we’ll see the sunshine any time soon, there's no reason why you can't get ahead of the game and start gearing up for some brighter rounds.

Whether you're a seasoned golfer or a beginner looking to improve your game, here are some tips to help you get ready for the golf season ahead.

1. Set some goals: Before you hit the course, take some time to set a few clear, measurable and achievable goals for the upcoming season. That might be lowering your handicap or playing at least three medal competitions. For me, it’s making sure I get on the course at least once a fortnight.

Whatever your goals are, having specific objectives can help keep you focused and motivated throughout the season.

2. Clean your clubs: I know – there aren’t many jobs worse than cleaning your clubs. But trust me when I say you will feel so much better pulling a clean and shiny iron out of your bag than one covered in months’ worth of mud.

The same goes for your grips. Now is a great time to give them a good clean and if you need to, get your clubs re-gripped. I’ve just had new grips put on my irons and I can 100% tell you that you will notice a difference afterwards.

3. Start prepping physically: I consider myself to be relatively fit and strong; I exercise a few times a week and spend a lot of time chasing after a toddler. But when I haven’t played for a while, you can bet your life I am aching after the first time I take on 18 holes.

Golf is far more physically demanding than we tend to give it credit for, and it requires a certain level of strength, flexibility, and endurance to play your best. Start upping your daily step count and incorporate exercises into your routine that target your core, legs, and shoulders. Yoga, Pilates, and strength training can all help improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury.

4. Improve your mental game: Golf is as much a mental game as it is physical, and that’s something you can work on long before you step foot on the course. Start practising visualisation and mindfulness techniques at home to help you stay focused and relaxed on the course.

5. Plan your schedule: The number one reason I don’t play as much golf as I used to is time. And I am sure that applies to a lot of you too.

One thing I’ve started doing in my everyday life now is taking the time to plan a schedule. Every Sunday, my husband and I sit together and literally block time in our diaries around work and childcare for what we call non-negotiables. So for me that’s planning in gym sessions and booking nine holes after work.

Having things planned and in writing like that gives me less of an excuse to miss them when other things crop up. Because let’s be honest, they always do!

6. Enjoy the journey: Finally, whatever your goals are for this season, enjoy it. Embrace the challenges, celebrate your successes, and don't be too hard on yourself when things don't go as planned.