We couldn’t be more on board with The Well HQ’s latest campaign to change the narrative around periods and call it what is.

Last week, The Well HQ launched a new campaign all about periods with over 50 elite female athletes – and we couldn’t be happier about it.

They’re urging people to finally call it what it is and just #SayPeriod.

Not “time of the month”, “women’s problems”, “Aunt Flo” … Period.

Because the language we use is so important for breaking taboos and empowering women to play and train with their menstrual cycle, not in spite of it.

The campaign was launched after a long line of sport A-listers admitted, in some cases on live TV, that they lack real insight, knowledge and know-how about their period and how it impacts the way they train and play.

And if Olympic medallists don't know, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Join the movement

The more people that make a pledge to just #SayPeriod, the quicker we can change the narrative.

To join the movement …

  1. Make a pledge to call it what it is. Period.
  2. Download a pledge pack and use it to spread the word on social media.

We all have a responsibility to drive change

It’s normal to feel embarrassed about talking about periods. But it shouldn’t be.

Not understanding what’s happening in our bodies can be a barrier to feeling happy and healthy.

So instead of skirting around the topic, using euphemisms or just ignoring it completely, the language around our monthly cycles needs to change.

Here are a few things we can all do to make women more comfortable speaking about their periods.

  • Always use the right words: Period or menstrual cycle
  • Avoid euphemisms
  • Think of period pain in the same way you would any other pain or injury
  • Talk about how your period is making you feel and ask for support or advice if you need it
  • Don’t skip training or playing sports because of your period – exercise is proven to help the physical and emotional symptoms of your cycle

Sign the pledge and find out more about the #SayPeriod campaign at thewell-hq.com. And if you liked this article, you should read our feature, How to harness the power of your period.