It's golf nine to five for Heather Constable the Director of online golf clothing company GolfGarb. Women & Golf ask her more about being a women in the golfing world.



It's golf nine to five for Heather Constable, the Director of online golf clothing company GolfGarb. Women & Golf ask her more about being a women in the golfing world.

What came first, an interest in fashion or golf?

Not so much fashion, which can be transient, but certainly style has always been of great interest to me. I was thrown into the deep end early on in my career, working first for an international publisher and then as a marketing manager for Microsoft where I would have to give large presentations. I found that what I wore had a positive impact on how at ease I felt, leaving me able to fully concentrate on the task in hand. My passion for golf started almost 20 years ago and when it comes to confidence, feeling I look good can help my game!

What inspired you to establish GolfGarb?

GolfGarb is a family-run business launched by my husband and I almost 11 years ago. As golfers with first-hand experience of working in the golf industry, IT and marketing, our goal was to create an easy-to-use website that showcased well-respected brands for men, ladies and juniors and above all provide exceptional customer service.

We are extremely hands-on with the business - from managing our brand portfolio, talking to customers, developing the website and of course the direction and management. It sounds corny but we genuinely care about getting things right and are extremely lucky to have a great team who share the same sentiment.

Women’s golf fashion and online retailing is a competitive business, so how does GolfGarb aim to stay one step ahead of competition?

We never lose sight of the fact that the customer experience is paramount. We continually review our service offering and have recently re-designed our website with a focus on exceeding our customers’ expectations. We invest time in getting to know all about the styles we select so that we can best advise our customers about the fit, the fabrics and how to style them. 

As an online retailer we have a responsibility to provide the best photographic and written descriptions for each product to help our customers make informed choices and we are committed to providing a fast, free delivery and returns service.

Over the last 10 years, what major changes have you witnessed in golf fashion and the buying habits of female golfers?

I believe we’re a lot more discerning with an increased desire to experiment with new brands, styles and fits. We like to mix things up a little to discover what suits us best and to wear enduring quality and style that works across all our various roles in life, allowing us to look and feel the very best we can and totally at ease with who we are.

I see a lot more styles being designed for golf now that look equally stylish off the course. We all demand quality and the brands we work with have really stepped up to the mark to deliver.

The spring/summer collections have just launched, name a few items that have caught your eye.

I love the femininity of a golf dress so I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so that I can wear the new Nivo Jersey Print Dress in monochrome - the fabric is gorgeous and the geometric print looks amazing on. It’s the perfect length, finishing just above the knee with a slight A-line so it’s very flattering.

I also have my eye on a pair of the new Skechers Go Golf Birdie golf shoes in white for summer but they are waterproof too. They are supremely lightweight and comfortable but reassuringly supportive - perfect for all that walking!

What is the future plan for the business?

To continue to be a company that offers a wide range of well-respected brands and that delivers a shopping experience that our customers can trust and rely on. We have also recently embarked on a new venture with the launch of our sister company ActiveGarb, showcasing some of our much-loved golfing brands such as Rohnisch whose origins are in fitness clothing, Daily Sports and PUMA. If running, workingout, yoga or pilates is your thing, then
you might want to take a peak!


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