After two wins in two weeks, Patty Tavatanakit talks to media ahead of this week's HSBC Women's World Championship

It's been a whirlwind few weeks for LPGA star Patty Tavatanakit. After nearly three years without a win, the 24-year-old has now won two weeks in a row. First at the LET's Aramco Saudi Ladies International and then last week at the Honda LPGA Thailand. From Saudi Arabia to Thailand and now Singapore. As the Thai player gets ready to tee it up for a third week in another different country, she reflects on recent weeks, the off-season and her mindset for the week ahead.

Two wins in two weeks, how are you feeling?

I'm tired. There's been a lot of travelling. It's been a lot of golf. But on top of that, I'm really excited to be back in Singapore to tee it up in front of the Singapore fans this week at The HSBC Women's World Championship. I love being here. I love this country. It's always one of my favourite events to come. So I'm really looking forward to having fun this week.

How did you feel when those final putts fell?

It was very emotional. Especially the first one, it was a long time coming. It was a very long time since my last one. It just felt like hard work paid off. On top of that, last week in Thailand, was very special because my journey kind of started there at that event. To be able to participate as an amateur, now as a professional multiple times and being able to win in front of home crowds, in my home country, was just like the cherry on top.

What did you do in the off-season?

The last two seasons I feel like I was always on the go. I was always grinding. It was two years of grinding. So this off-season I took some time off away from golf and rested physically and mentally.

When I came back, I had a plan, and it was more like when I took my time off, I wrote down some plans and what I wanted to do when I got back to it. And as soon as I got home from my trip in December, I was just like, okay, let's start doing these things that I wrote down.

You’re obviously in great form, what exactly is working in your game?

Overall, I feel like everything is coming together. I've been working very hard on just making everything a little bit sharper off the tee, approach, around the greens.

So everything was just coming together right now, and I have been performing really well.

What’s your mindset this week?

After coming off of a really good start, I feel like everything has been kind of going easier than a lot of times out on the golf course. Then I tend to fall back to being a perfectionist, I don't like mistakes. I don't like flaws. I don't like little blemishes.

But I feel like I'm at the point now in my third week in a row, my body is not at a hundred percent like when it was my first week. So the mindset going into this week is probably to embrace it, like the difficulties of the little things that are coming along and just hold my head up high and just accept the challenge. And also have fun. I really want to have fun. This is one of my favourite weeks to play in.

Everything is between the ears. I feel like if I tell myself I'm not tired, then I'm not going to be as tired, in comparison to like, oh, my God, I'm just so tired. It's just really how you talk to yourself. I am working on staying fresh.

Two weeks ago it was amazing, something that happened to me, but it's also in the past now and I have a lot more golf to look forward to for this week and the rest of the season. So I feel like I'm back to work.

The HSBC Women's World Championship starts on Thursday 29th February. For those in the UK, you can watch live action on Sky Sports Golf and Main Event starting at 4:30am. View the live leaderboard here.