It's one of the best weekends in golf for a reason. Whether it’s Amen Corner on Thursday morning, or the final stretch of holes on Sunday afternoon, here's why we love the Masters.

Why do we all love the Masters so much? From Amen Corner and tiny caddy outfits to the unmistakable azalea bushes and winner's green jacket; the Masters is one of the best weekends in golf for more than one reason.

This year, the 87th edition of the Augusta championship takes place from 6 – 9 April. Here's why we love the Masters so much ...

Amen Corner

Amen Corner

Amen Corner. It’s one of the most hallowed places in all of golf and has been a legendary spectacle at the Masters for decades.

Whilst the pros may fear it, fans can’t get enough of it as it never fails to produce a bucket load of drama throughout the Masters.

As if you didn’t know already, Amen Corner consists of the par-4 11th, the par-3 12th, and the tee shot at the par-5 13th at Augusta National.

The term was coined by author Herbert Warren Wind in a 1958 issue of Sports Illustrated.

The Masters' green jacket

The Masters Green Jacket

The tradition of the Masters' green jacket dates back to 1937. Then, members of Augusta National wore green jackets during the tournament so they could be easily recognised if they were needed.

Winners of the Masters Championship started to receive a green jacket in 1949, and it was Sam Snead who won the inaugural jacket.

The Par-3 Contest

The Masters Par 3

The Par-3 Contest has been played the day before the Masters since 1960, with girlfriends, wives, and kids in tow as cute caddies every year.

As a relaxed tournament (as relaxed as competitive golfers can be anyway!), there is always a sense of drama around the Par-3 Contest. Plus, no player who has won the event has ever gone on to win the actual Masters – so we’re all waiting to see who will break the curse!

Drive, Chip & Putt Championships

The Masters Drive Chip Putt

The Drive, Chip & Putt Championships was founded by the Masters Tournament in 2013. It's a nationwide tournament that aims to grow the game by focusing on the three fundamental skills of golf; driving, chipping, and putting.

Held just days before the Masters Championships, the event gives the next golfing generation a taste of Augusta National and memories that will last forever.


The Masters Drama

The Masters wouldn’t be the Masters without a weekend full of nail-biting drama.

From Amen Corner on Thursday morning to the final stretch of holes on Sunday afternoon, the Masters is never short of entertainment.

And this year, the list of green-jacket contenders is extensive to say the least, with an exciting series of wins and revivals over the past few months. Oh and the small matter of the LIV golf players...

Who are you tipping to win?