A new indoor golf tournament has launched just for women. Here's all you need to know about WING.

Coming to a Trackman simulator this February, a brand new event for elite women golfers, WING. The WING tournament, which stands for Women IN Golf, is the first TrackMan Competition exclusively for women.

The WING tournament marks the beginning of The WING Series, envisioning a future where multiple rounds of golf are played where women compete for substantial prize money.​

Open to players with a suggested handicap of five or below, this worldwide tournament will be the first of its kind.

WING is the brainchild of Lo Blease, PGA Coach and Director of Golf and Events at Caddi Club, a group of indoor golf venues in London. After a successful amateur career, Lo played on the Ladies European Tour and LET Access for seven years before she started teaching in Belgium, her home country. Lo moved to the UK in 2020 and settled in London, where she eventually joined Caddi Club.

As well as actively working to get more women to start playing the game, Lo is also passionate about the elite amateur and professional level. Her hope is to provide playing opportunities to women all over the world:

"The goals of the WING tournament are to provide elite female players an opportunity to earn income and develop their brands, whether they are elite professionals or amateurs.

"We also want to create a tech-forward environment that encourages serious competition, entertainment and fan engagement amongst women.

"It's important to note that WING serves as a supplement, not an alternative, to established female professional circuits."

All you need to know about WING

Participants will take on a major challenge in the form of the Champions Course at the Evian Resort Golf Club in France, competing in an 18-hole strokeplay event for a chance to win a minimum first prize of £5,000.

The entry fee is £120 (incl. £2 registration fee and £20 VAT), with £98 of each entry fee being added to the guaranteed purse for the tournament.

Prize fund:

1st place - £5,000
2nd place - £2,000
3rd place - £1,000

There are also additional side events to win: Closest to the Pin – £150, Longest Drive – £150 and Social Media Standout - £300

It is worth noting that the greater the number of participants in the WING Tournament, the larger the prize payouts will become. Subject to sponsorship, the prize pool is expected to receive additional financial contributions.

For this very first event, the field will be capped at 100 players.

Where can you play?

The WING tournament can be played on any TrackMan simulator in the world running the latest version of TrackMan performance studio, including those in golf studios and homes.

The tournament setup at the virtual course will be made available only to registered participants.

All rounds must be video recorded. The round can be played from February 15th and must be completed by March 7th, 2024.

To find your nearest TrackMan golf facility, visit Trackman.com/locator or use the TrackMan Golf app. For any London based players, Caddi Club who are sponsoring the event are offering the use of their bays free of charge to anyone entering the WING tournament.

At Women & Golf, we're excited to see this new global women's golf event take shape. A first of its kind and with the popularity of indoor simulator golf at an all time high, we are sure that WING has the opportunity to be embraced and to grow amongst the women's golf community.

If you are interested in participating, please register via the WING tournament competition entry page - find out more here.

You can also follow along via WING on Instagram and via the hashtags #WINGtournament #WomenInGolfTournament