During the Open Championship, Lee Westwood’s Masterclass app will be free to download– and an upgrade means you can now send your swing to Lee for analysis!


For the duration of the Open Championship, the Lee Westwood’s Masterclass golf app will be free to download from the iTunes app store – and an upgrade means you can now send your swing direct to Lee for analysis!

Using bespoke technology developed by British firm 2mee Ltd, the app allows you to use your smartphone to play side-by-side with a virtual Westwood, so you can learn and improve with help from one of the world’s best golfers.

The Ultra Reality (patent pending) technology allows users to drag and drop Westwood on to their screens, resize him, change angles and even make him left handed, so you can synchronise your swing perfectly with his and analyse all aspects of your swing, posture and mechanics.

The app works with different clubs and swing strengths while there are also club recommendations and additional coaching from other PGA professionals.

And the new ‘Send to Lee’ facility offers the chance for the swing to be analysed by the world number 32 or one of his fully qualified PGA coaches at the Lee Westwood Golf School.

Dave Soppelsa, chief operating officer of developer 2mee, explained: “Swings sent across using the ‘Send to Lee’ function may be analysed by either Lee himself or his coaches at one of the two Lee Westwood Golf Schools – in Cheshire and Essex – and may even be used on Lee’s own social media channels. They’re most likely to feature swings with common problems, because that can help a lot more people – but all swings sent to Lee stand an equal chance of being analysed.”

Westwood, who worked alongside 2mee throughout the development, said: “This technology is like nothing I’ve ever seen in the 28 years I’ve been playing golf. It’s so easy to use. You can record your swings on the course, on the driving range, in your garden or even in the living room. I genuinely believe that if you put some effort in using this app, you’ll improve your game, regardless of your skill level.”

The simple app, which normally costs £2.99 from the Apple store, is available to download free of charge for the duration of the Open Championship at St Andrews, from July 16-19. It can be used anywhere, enables swings to be exchanged with friends and coaches by social media, and comes with exclusive coaching videos and tips.

Lee Westwood’s Masterclass is available now on iPhone 5+ devices, running iOS 7 or above. It can be downloaded from the Apple app store for free during the Open Championship and for £2.99 thereafter.