Golf is a sport #FOREeveryone. The R&A launches a campaign to get more women and girls playing golf across the UK and Ireland.

There has been a lot of discussion over the last decade about how we can grow women and girls participation in golf, with many different initiatives being launched with reasonable success. Since the launch of the Women in Golf Charter by the R&A in May 2018, the golf industry has made movements to work together to achieve this common shared goal.

This now brings us to today which sees the launch of #FOREeveryone, The R&A’s participation campaign aimed at encouraging more women and girls to play golf by showcasing the sport and providing practical advice on how anyone can get started.

What is the #FOREeveryone campaign?

FOREeveryone highlights the many benefits of playing golf, including the opportunities to improve physical and mental health, spend time with friends and family, or the simple thrill of competition, while challenging unhelpful misconceptions that non-golfers have about the sport.

Prospective players can now visit to receive practical advice on how to start, as well as hear from existing women golfers across Great Britain and Ireland about the reasons they play and why others should give it a go.
The R&A is working in partnership with England Golf, Golf Ireland, Scottish Golf, Wales Golf and the PGA to encourage new golfers and welcome them to venues across GB&I as they start playing locally.

More women and girls are now playing golf in Great Britain

FOREeveryone first launched in 2020 as an industry initiative to help golf facilities create an inclusive culture, as well providing them with knowledge and materials to recruit and retain women golfers. More than 740 venues have signed up and can access #FOREeveryone materials and are now well-positioned to attract new golfers to their facilities.

R&A committed to greater equality across golf

Phil Anderton, Chief Development Officer of The R&A, said:

“The R&A is demonstrating its commitment to creating greater equality across golf and the #FOREeveryone campaign is the next step in our drive to have more women and girls involved at all levels of the sport.

“Golf has many proven health benefits that make it an appealing sport, especially those new to the game. During the pandemic, when people were looking for outdoor pursuits which could be enjoyed safely, we saw a heightened interest, including from women and girls. In fact, 25% of the women who played golf last year were doing so for the first time*, meaning now is the perfect time to ensure this interest is maintained, so women and girls enjoy the sport for many years to come.”

#FOREeveryone will highlight the many benefits of playing golf

Women in Golf Charter

The #FOREeveryone campaign is part of The R&A’s Women in Golf Charter, which was established in 2018 to both increase the number of women and girls playing the sport globally and create more employment opportunities within the golf industry. Since its launch, close to 1,000 organisations have signed up to the Women in Golf Charter, with each required to make certain commitments around how they will drive tangible change and help break down the barriers that some might feel the sport presents – whether it is the perceived cost of playing, the time it takes to do so, or how difficult it is to learn.

What is most refreshing about the #FOREEveryone campaign is that the R&A has brought together the national governing bodies and the professionals at golf clubs, to drive growth together and are leading from the front to make sure the campaign is a success. We all know golf is #FOREEveryone but now it is really time to show it, together.

To find out more about the #FOREeveryone campaign, or for further information about rediscovering golf or locating beginner golf programmes, head to For more information on the Women in Golf Charter, visit

*Key highlights from the 2020 Great Britain Golf Participation Report included - 25% of female golfers were new to the sport – and tried it for the first time because of the pandemic

What are your thoughts on the #FOREeveryone campaign? Is your golf venue one of the 740 who have received information? We would love to hear from you, drop us an email to let us know here.