A historic moment for golf in Surrey as the Surrey Ladies County Golf Association votes for two big changes

Surrey Ladies County Golf Association (SLCGA), which can trace its origins to the turn of the 20th century, has made the landmark decision to change its name to Surrey Women’s Golf Ltd.

The historic move was voted through by delegates representing over 100 affiliated clubs attending the SLCGA AGM at Walton Heath Golf Club on Saturday (November 25th). Surrey Women’s Golf – the third largest English county body representing female golfers – will also become a limited company, which gives it greater legal protection.

Surrey Women’s Golf becomes only the third English county, looking after the interests of female golfers, to change its formal name to incorporate the word “women’s” instead of the more outdated term of “ladies”. Lincolnshire changed its name to Lincolnshire Women’s Golf Association in 2018.

England Golf encourages the use of the term “women” and has adopted it in its general terminology. This reflects the move across sport to promote inclusivity by phasing out the word “ladies” to describe sportswomen.

There are nine unified counties in England which have adopted the term “women” but not in their actual title.

Surrey Women's board
SWG board on the left from front to back: Katrina Davis, Vice Captain; Jane Bathurst, County Captain; Heather Kitson, Director and on the right from front to back: Sally Blackwood, Treasurer; Ann Waite, Director; Tina Davis, Director; Ann Gems, President

Jane Bathurst, Captain of Surrey Women’s Golf, said:

“As the County body representing female golfers in Surrey, we want to promote inclusivity in our sport and to encourage all women to get involved. It is important to move with the times and to ensure that we appeal to women across the board. We hope that our name change to Surrey Women’s Golf reflects this.”

As well as a new name, Surrey Women’s Golf has updated its logo to use alongside its new

The new look can be seen on the website at www.surreywomensgolf.org, as well as on Instagram @surreywomens.golf, X (formally known as Twitter) at Surrey Womens Golf @surreywomensgolf and Facebook at Surrey Womens Golf.