The Moonrise Sports platform prioritises authentic connections between fans and athletes, providing a range of immersive opportunities for engagement.

At the core of Moonrise Sports lies a commitment to bridging the gap between fans and their sporting idols. Through 1-2-1 or group video calls and custom coaching feedback, fans have the chance to learn directly from elite athletes, fostering a sense of connection and inspiration that transcends traditional sports fandom.

Unlike traditional sports sponsorship models that often overlook fan interests, Moonrise Sports puts fans first. By collaborating with sports teams and competitions to offer free experiences sponsored by brands, Moonrise Sports ensures that fan experiences remain at the forefront of every partnership, strengthening the bond between athletes, teams, and their supporters.

In a world where elite athletes lead busy lives, Moonrise Sports breaks down barriers by providing athletes the flexibility to allocate as little as 30 minutes per month for personal fan engagement. This level of authenticity allows fans to connect with the individuals behind the athlete, creating deeper relationships and driving the growth of sport at all levels.

Moonrise Sports also addresses the importance of representation in sports by showcasing a diverse range of sports stars. By providing access to role models from various backgrounds, Moonrise Sports empowers individuals to pursue their athletic dreams and inspires the next generation of athletes.

In essence, Moonrise Sports is not just a fan engagement platform; it's a catalyst for change in the sports industry. By prioritising fan experiences, authenticity, and inspiring the next generation, Moonrise Sports is redefining how fans connect with their sporting heroes, leaving a lasting impact on the world of sports.

Connect with tour golfers

A great example of this in the world of golf is LET and Sunshine tour professional Lejan Lewthwaite

Lejan on Moonrise Sports

“I’m hoping to give back and share my knowledge and expertise about being a golfer, playing tour golf and being an ultimate competitor in the game.

"My knowledge spans from representing my country in sailing and golf, playing Division 1 college golf in America, being a touring professional on the Ladies European Tour for 7 years and having had multiple professional wins on various tours.

"I’m looking to expand my network, and engage with anyone looking to grow the game of golf, specifically women’s golf and sport!”

If you are a fan or a sports star that wants to engage with fans you can register for FREE here and view Lejan's profile here.