Could a new community-based app help some golf clubs to encourage more local children into the sport? We find out more about Grassboots

There's a cost involved with taking up any sport, which can often be a barrier to entry. Looking at sports broadly:

For the sports clubs – The rising costs of running clubs and the dependency on volunteers and fund-raising to stay afloat is increasingly unsustainable. So, how can clubs generate a regular fundraising income without more volunteering and spending money to get little return?

For the parents – The increase in the cost of living makes it difficult to stay on top of the basics, let alone providing sports kit and paying subs. Children grow out of their kits, their boots, trainers, and sports equipment, so quickly. It’s an expensive hobby, especially if multiple sports and kids are involved.

So what can be done about the current financial climate? That's where Grassboots comes in.

About Grassboots

Grassboots is an online marketplace for grassroots clubs, building a local network of parents within their own club structure who are buying, donating and recycling pre-loved kit whilst fundraising for their local club in the process.

The Team behind Grassboots are all either coaches themselves or have children at grassroots clubs.

In essence, Grassboots provides sports clubs with their own dedicated 24/7 online marketplace and the simplicity of Grassboots lies in its user-friendly platform. Members download the app from the website or via the App Store and upon registering, link to their chosen club.


There are three main pillars to the Grassboots circular economy app:

1. Fundraising: Helps community sports clubs and schools raise much needed funds.

2. Sustainability: Helps promote recycling and reuse of sportswear and sports equipment.

3. Inclusivity: Helps people get started with, or continue to enjoy, the sport they love for less.

The Grassboots platform also helps clubs to reach out to their wider communities, family and friends, for sportswear donations and purchases, all helping to boost their fundraising opportunities.

The majority of every sale then goes to help contribute towards the club’s fundraising targets. 

Grassboots in Golf

After successfully launching and working mainly in football, rugby and hockey, Grassboots is now looking to expand into golf. The potential ripple effect of a simple donation might just be the catalyst for someone to embrace a sport like golf, kickstarting the journey of the next golfing superstar.

Grassboots Golf Ambassador Jay King explains why he got involved:

"I first came across Grassboots via an Instagram ad they had running requesting sports clubs to sign up to their app and I instantly thought...this is what golf is missing!

"It was an idea I'd been bouncing around in my head for a while and had spoken to a few friends regarding the amount of equipment that goes to either waste in someone's garage, ends up down the local rubbish tip or just sits gathering dust in the back of a pro shop somewhere.

"I just felt that all this kit could still have some worth to those that maybe couldn't afford it or weren't sure where to buy it from and also from a sustainability perspective and recycling pre-loved kit. I personally couldn't come up with a platform or way of making it work stepped Mark and Jason - founders of Grassboots.

"Following a number of conversations I proudly became a Golf Ambassador for the brand and within a few weeks had signed up Colmworth Golf Club who already had a massive passion for sustainability and embraced the opportunity to engage with their members and the wider community even further.

"The plan this year is to keep building awareness and benefits to golf clubs and the wider golf community and see more clubs sign up to Grassboots."

For more information please drop Jay an email or visit and let's Grow the game from Grassroots to Fairways with Grassboots.