It's an update that a lot of golfers have been waiting for. You will now be able to submit scores from across GB&I via your home nation World Handicap System app.

From Tuesday 13 June, golfers across Great Britain and Ireland will be able to post scores back to their handicap record from any affiliated club across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, using their home nation's World Handicap System app.

England Golf, Scottish Golf, Wales Golf and Golf Ireland’s apps are launching this function simultaneously. This means that wherever you are in GB&I, your home nation’s app will be able to take your score and attribute it to your handicap record.

Not only does this allow golfers to play and post scores outside of the their home country, but the added functionality permits golfers from other jurisdictions to attest scores for each other, after playing together.

This new functionality has been developed as a result of the home nations’ collaboration with tech provider DotGolf.

It will make the process so much easier for golfers no matter where they play and will follow a simple process to input scores.

This development is significant also for club handicap committees, eliminating the need to input scores manually, and allowing for seamless management of golfers through their club’s WHS platform. 

Scottish Golf have provided details on how to post a score from another jurisdiction via their How to Guides pages on the Scottish Golf website, and video walk-throughs are available for both Apple and Android users.

We'll share more information from other countries when we have it, but it looks like it will be a similar process in each region.

Interoperability will launch through the App store and Google Play on Tuesday 13 June. Players will need to download an update for their handicap app and will get a notification to their app when it is ready.

Please visit your national governing body website for more information.