Jo Egerton is an Ambassador for Ladies Love Golf. We find out more about the important role she plays in the growth of this women's golf community

Playing an essential role in the growth of Ladies Love Golf (LLG) are the Ambassadors. At each LLG centre there are two or three Ambassadors who are the friendly point of contact for all women attending the sessions. They are able to welcome those attending, when the coach may be busy, and also introduce new women to those already in the group.

It is an integral part of what LLG is all about where community and friendship are just as important as the skills you learn in the golf lesson.

Women & Golf spoke to LLG Ambassador Jo Egerton to find out how she got into the game and how she has embraced her ambassador role.

Ladies Love Golf

When did you start playing golf?

I started playing in 2019 when I retired. I hadn’t picked up a golf club before. I joined a golf club as a temporary member with my friend. It was at this time that The Beeches opened and Ladies Love Golf sessions started, so we both started coming to the sessions, right from the start.

I come to the LLG coaching sessions at least twice a month and always try and go on as many of the LLG coaching trips I can manage.

Each LLG session has a theme, so now that I am a more established golfer I tend to pick the specific sessions I would like to attend, whilst a newer golfer may want to come to every session to build all parts of their game.

What attracted you to Ladies Love Golf as a new golfer?

The fact that it was women together really appealed. At the golf club, it’s obviously mixed and the women’s section is smaller. It could sometimes feel quite threatening on the course in the middle of men who make you feel like you need to play quicker or you’re not good enough.

The Beeches felt like a really safe environment in which to learn how to play and once I’d learned how to play, then I could refine the skills I had learned.

How have the LLG coaching sessions helped you?

For me, the thing about the LLG coaching sessions is that there’s always one or two things to take away. I’ve had other coaching and found it too complicated and the way it was taught didn’t suit me.

The structure of the LLG sessions works really well for me - the demonstration, and then putting it into practice, suits my way of learning. Although they are group sessions, you will always be given some personal things to work on. I take one or two things away with me to practice for the next week, which then means I improve my golf.

Ladies Love Golf Ambassadors

How did the LLG Ambassador role come about?

This is my third year as an LLG Ambassador. I applied to be an LLG Ambassador because I regularly attended the sessions and I thought that with a wide circle of friends, I could help to spread the word about LLG and also to the other golf clubs I had been to.

What does your LLG Ambassador role involve?

It’s about representing LLG. A good example of this is when I’ve seen women here at The Beeches and I speak to them to find out whether they have come to any LLG sessions before. I can offer them the opportunity to give it a go. I am able to promote the sessions here and at the other LLG centres, but also all the coaching trips and away days that are available.

A really important part of being a member of LLG is the ability to grow the network of women golfers you know. I have been able to meet so many lovely women from the different centres, via the trips and annual gala dinner.

I love that I have the ability to promote these opportunities to other women.

Who are Ladies Love Golf?

Ladies Love Golf (LLG) are a community of women of all ages and abilities looking to improve, socialise and play golf. There are now five venues around England where you can access weekly coaching designed specifically for women, away days and even overseas coaching breaks. LLG's goal is to remove the barriers for all women looking to get into golf and get everyone involved. There is also an online community that you can join for free if you are not based near one of the hubs, as well as membership packages to suit your lifestyle. Find out more.