Bladder care brand Jude is here to talk about bladder health on the golf course during the winter months

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As the weather gets colder, the chill doesn’t just affect your game - but your bladder too! With the winter chill sweeping across the green, you want to focus on your swing - and not where the nearest loo is. 

But why does it feel that as soon as you hit that first hole you desperately need a wee?

Jude answers some common Q&As to help you manage your bladder - on and off the course! - this winter

Why do I always need to pee mid-swing during winter?

The urge to pee as we hit the colder air is called cold induced diuresis. You know that familiar feeling as you stand on the first tee on a frosty morning. Your focus should be on your swing, but instead, you're worried about the next bathroom break - and you haven’t even made it to the first green! 

Cold induced diuresis occurs when your body is exposed to cold, it constricts peripheral blood vessels to conserve heat. As a result, more blood flows to your core, increasing blood pressure. Your body responds by getting rid of excess fluid - hence, more frequent trips to the loo.

What can I do to stop leaking at the 9th hole?

The lack of on-course loos can be a real bogey for women golfers. Simply, the only way to manage that all-too familiar niggle mid-game is to plan, plan and plan! Here’s our top tips:

  1. Familiarise yourself with where the loos are and ensure that you take stops during the game. Wearing Jude’s leak-proof pants can help give you reassurance when you need it most, especially if the loo is more than a quick dash away. Holding up to 8tsps of pee, they stop leaks, keep you completely dry and give you peace of mind to enjoy your round.
  2. Ensuring that you pee correctly before going out on the green is important. Use the ‘elbows on knees’ position when you pee, but you can also rock gently while seated on the loo to ensure your bladder is fully emptied. 
  3. Don’t forget to do your pelvic floor exercises! While you are waiting for your turn, or in the clubhouse later - there’s never a bad time to squeeze your pelvic muscles for a little workout. Aim to squeeze ten times, three times a day to improve your pelvic floor and give you more control over your bladder. 

How can I improve my bladder game?

Alongside pelvic floor exercises and reducing bladder irritants, supplements help to boost our diet and support specific issues in our body - such as bladder leaks. 

Jude's Bladder Strength Supplements are specifically formulated to strengthen the pelvic muscles and help to reduce daily leaks by up to 66% - a godsend when facing a 3-4 hour round! 

Oestrogen is crucial for maintaining urinary health and the strength of the pelvic floor, but if you are entering perimenopause, production of oestrogen reduces, and for many women this can potentially lead to a weakened bladder and pelvic floor. If you are experiencing leaks with cold-induced diuresis, it might be a sign that your pelvic floor muscles are weaker than they used to be - and that’s where Jude’s supplement can really help to keep you on course. 

Containing a powerful mix of pumpkin seed and soy germ extract, both natural botanicals that are clinically proven to improve bladder strength. The soy germ extracts act as a natural substitute, boosting the pelvic floor strength; while pumpkin seed extracts promote relaxation and muscle build, which is vital for bladder control.

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Should I limit my fluid intake on the green? 

This is a tricky one - on one hand, the more you drink the more you’ll pee, but we know that hydration can also cause leaks and increase the need to pee as your body reacts to the concentrated urine in your bladder.  

Ensure that you fully empty your bladder before your game, and avoid bladder irritants like coffee, tea, fizzy drinks and alcohol. Try taking a flask of warm water, or herbal tea with you, as these can be soothing and less likely to trigger cold-induced diuresis in comparison to cold drinks. And importantly, don’t glug! Small sips throughout your round will help keep you hydrated without filling your bladder quickly. 

Remember, managing your bladder health is crucial for your comfort and performance on the golf course and with these tips your bladder will be on par or better! So, keep swinging and stay hydrated, and enjoy the game - without any unnecessary 'water hazards'!

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