Community-driven healthcare brand Jude is here with their top tips to manage bladder leaks (that actually work)

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We know that golf is more than just a sport. It’s a passion, an integral part of your lifestyle. It’s about the game, the camaraderie, the competition. 

As we age, however, some women golfers have told us that they find themselves needing to adjust their game - not for skill, but because of a taboo topic that isn’t often discussed openly on the green: Bladder weakness.

If you are one of the one in three women that experience bladder incontinence, or overactive bladder (OAB), then you’ll know only too well how frustrating it can be when you need to curb your passion for golf because of the need to dash to the loo so often. 

Community-driven healthcare brand Jude is committed to breaking the silence surrounding bladder issues, empowering you to lead a life free of leaks and help you ace your bladder game.

Here’s five simple tips for managing bladder leaks that actually work:

1. Eat your greens for more time on the green 

There are certain foods and beverages that are notorious for irritating the bladder. Cutting down on irritants like carbonated beverages, chocolate, citrus fruits, and caffeinated products can be a game-changer. 

We've all heard the saying, "you are what you eat” and it particularly rings true for our bladder health. Cruciferous green veg is great for your bladder, so if you want more time on the green, up your greens! 

Lastly, it’s tempting to not drink as much as you need to to avoid that dash for the loo - but that can lead to further problems as your body becomes more dehydrated. To avoid UTIs and bladder/ kidney infections as a result of concentrated urine, drink at least eight glasses a day. Don’t gulp, little consistent sips are great. 

2. Don’t duff your ‘loo posture’ 

There’s nothing more annoying than that familiar niggle two hours in at the 9th hole, with no loo in sight. In the same way you’ve perfected your swing, your loo posture needs the same attention. Believe it or not, the majority of women don’t pee correctly, and as a result don’t fully empty the bladder when going for a wee. 

Ensuring you sit comfortably with your feet flat, leaning slightly forward with elbows resting on your thighs, can make all the difference. This position helps in fully emptying your bladder, reducing the need for frequent stops during your game. And while public restrooms may not always be pristine, using some toilet paper as a cover is always better than adopting a hovering squat, which may strain your pelvic floor.

3. Try Jude’s “Game-changer” Bladder Strength Supplements 

Supplements are designed to give our diet a boost. They can be a godsend for targeting specific needs in our body, such as the bladder. If you feel that your bladder needs a helping hand, Jude's Bladder Strength Supplements are here to help. Their award-winning supplements are specifically formulated to strengthen the pelvic muscles and boast a reduction in daily leaks by up to 66% - and that’s exactly what we need when playing for 3-4 hours! 

Oestrogen is crucial for maintaining urinary health and the strength of the pelvic floor, but if you are entering perimenopause, production of oestrogen reduces, and for many women this can potentially lead to a weakened bladder and pelvic floor. If you’ve suddenly started finding you need the loo mid-round, this is likely the reason.

Jude’s supplement contains a powerful mix of pumpkin seed and soy germ extract, both natural botanicals that are clinically proven to improve bladder strength. The soy germ extracts act as a natural substitute, boosting the pelvic floor strength; while pumpkin seed extracts promote relaxation and muscle build, which is vital for bladder control.

It’s not just the experts that think Jude’s Bladder Care Supplement is great - the testimonials speak for themselves:

Desiree says: “Jude has changed my life. I have been taking it for a few months now and I no longer feel uncomfortable about going out for long periods of time. I don’t worry about having an ‘accident’ either when I’m out or in bed. I feel so much more comfortable.”

Meanwhile, Elizabeth says Jude’s supplements have helped her take back control of her life. She raves: “I have now been taking Jude for over a year and life is amazing. I am still doing my long walk, have a 116-mile walk in September, with no worries about finding toilets on route. I usually sleep through the night now as well. I would recommend Jude to anyone who experiences bladder problems, it can literally change your life!”

4. Ensure your pelvic floor is on par

We know we should be doing our pelvic floor exercises more, but life often gets in the way and before you know it, you’ve gone throughout the day (or week?) without doing them! The good news is that golf in itself is a great, low impact exercise for your pelvic floor - but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to do your exercises too. 

Try to find time daily, whether it’s while you drive to the club or watching TV at home, where you squeeze your pelvic floor muscles 10 times, three times a day. It sounds like a lot, but in fact takes no longer than a couple of minutes. The benefits to your overall pelvic health are huge, and will keep you in the stride of your game much longer! 

5. Don’t let leak-xiety ruin your round

Given that golf course toilets are as elusive as a birdie at every hole, anxiety about the urge to pee and leaks is understandable. While Jude’s Bladder Strength Supplements will help manage your overactive bladder and leaks in the long term, you might also prefer the reassurance of their leak-proof pants. Offering discreet comfort and fast absorbency, their pants can hold up to 8 teaspoons of liquid, ensuring you remain leak-free and ready to focus solely on your game. 

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