We've put together a list of ten books that should be in every golfer’s library, regardless of skillset or where you’re at in your golfing career. 


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We've put together a list of the ten books that should be in every golfer’s library, regardless of skillset or where you’re at in your golfing career.

1. The Match: The Day The Game Of Golf Changed Forever – Mark Frost 

You cannot underestimate this good read. Filled with page-turning suspense and glory, the book takes place in 1956 as amateurs Harvie Ward and Ken Venturi face off against pros Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson, a competition now coined as the greatest private match ever played in the golfing world. 

2. The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods – Hank Haney 

Hank Haney writes about his six years working as Tiger Woods’s swing coach in The Big Miss. As he assesses his mechanics and learns what makes Tiger tick, he offers his appraisal and criticisms of the golfer’s techniques and weaknesses. As a result, Haney unveils the complexity of Tiger Wood, as well as Woods’ greatest fear: hitting “the big miss.” 

3. Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals Of Golf – Ben Hogan 

Ben Hogan is well-known for his charisma and work ethic. Although he lacked experience in technology, he was able to uncover things about the golf swing that are still valuable decades later. From the grip technique to the mechanics of the swing itself, it’s a must-read for beginners and experts alike. 

4. Little Red Book – Harvey Penick 

Little Red Book is an all-time classic for golfers and readers alike,” says Sophia Northfield, a golf writer at Essayroo and Australianhelp. “This book doesn’t waste time in going into the technical side of golfing; however, it does give you small doses of wisdom that can be useful, as you practice.”

5. Caddy For Life: The Bruce Edwards Story – John Feinstein 

This story is about the legacy of the late Bruce Edwards, who was Tom Watson’s long-time caddie. Feinstein captures the life of Edwards – from his beginningsm to his successes with Watson (winning eight majors together), to his secrets on being a caddie, to his death from Lou Gehrig’s disease at age 49 (in 2004). 

6. Bud, Sweat, & Tees: Rich Beem’s Walk On The Wild Side Of The PGA Tour – Alan Shipnuck 

A zero-to-hero story, Rich Beem is brought into the spotlight by Shipnuck, as the golf senior writer explores the golfer’s journey up to winning the 2002 PGA Championship.

7. Leslie Nielson’s Stupid Little Golf Book – Leslie Nielson And Henry Beard 

The late, great comedic actor Leslie Nielson, known for his role as Lieutenant Frank Drebin in The Naked Gun, talks about life on the golf course. In this book, Nielson talks about abject mediocrity and mendacity, as well as providing his own tips on everything golf.

8. The Short Game Bible – Dave Pelz 

An advanced read for golfers, this book covers what you can do to maximise your short game achievements and how to build your confidence in the game. 

9. Golf In The Kingdom – Michael Murphy 

“This 1971 novel is about a young traveller who meets golf pro-cum-mystic Shivas Irons in the Scottish Highlands,” says Skye Wells, a journalist at PaperFellows and Essay Service. “Whether you read it as a story with deep meaning behind it, or as whiskey-fueled New Age blather, it’s an interesting read.”

10. Unconscious Putting – Dave Stockton 

Putting can be the trickiest part of golf.  But, as you read through this 100-page book, you’ll soon realise that putting is less technical and complicated than you might have anticipated. 

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